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  1. He says he has had no contact in writing for at least 7 years, the debt itself is made up of charges for them paying out items on his account that he asked to be stopped as there was no money going to be going into the account any longer. Should he just ignore it then or send the letter on the previous post?
  2. Hello, I'm posting this for a family member as they're not very computer literate and need some advice. They have received a letter from Robinson Way regarding a debt that they have not been contacted about for the last 7-8 years, it wasn't a debt they were hiding from, but couldn't afford to pay at the time, they then moved and obviously heard nothing for the above time period. I told them that it is over 6 years old now and should be statute barred (is that said correctly?) Is that correct, do they not need to worry about it anymore? Any help would be appreciate
  3. Hi Dx, No, these had never shown up on file before, I also noticed yesterday that another payday loan company (will add details when I get home) has also entered a default on my file, I don't think they were ever on my credit file before either, so now I have 3 defaults on my file, could they have been on my file as a different name (actual company I may have had the loan with) and then Motormile have that name changed on my credit file to theirs because they've supposedly bought the debt?
  4. Hi, I have posted here before and have had the best help from everyone here and am now wondering if I could get just a little more. Motormile Finance have added 2 defaults to my credit file, both for payday loans, I have only just realised as I haven't been checking my credit file on a regular basis recently. 1 of the accounts was supposedly Default in 04/2012 but has only been on my report for 4 months and the other was supposedly Default in 10/2009 but has only been on my report for 3 months? The plan was to issue a CCA request, do I need to issue
  5. Hello, I've recently had a payment plan set up with O2 for a couple of bills due to being unemployed, I then got a job and agreed a payment plan for these bills, whereby I was told, that because I had rung up and set something up with them to pay my outstanding bills, that there would not be any late payment markers placed on my credit file. However, they have now put late payment markers on my account. I sent an email to their credit referrals email address and was told that even though they had told me over the phone and that I had an online chat with O2 stati
  6. Well due to my credit I think it may be a 50/50 anyway, therefore I thought going into branch to speak to someone and show them prior, might be an advantage, the things that make my credit bad are payday loans and thats want i want to pay off, its not that i cant afford them or have a low wage, it would just free up alot of money per month and look better on my credit file. I'll ring the bank and book an appointment. Thanks all for your help.
  7. £4000 Debt Consolidation Halifax's own budget planners before and after getting the loan (to prove I would have enough money to pay without being too short) Didn't know if it would or not? I don't have the greatest of credit files as was hoping tht in branch with the extra paperwork would help my application?
  8. Prefect, I'll do that, thanks everyone for all your help.
  9. Hi,t This is just a bit of a query, but does anyone know or work in the loans department of Halifax? I'm looking to apply for a loan and just wanted to know if it mattered wether you apply in branch or online? I have a lot of paperwork to back my application that wont matter on online as i cannot offer it, but it might if i apply in branch. Does anyone have any insider type knowledge of this?
  10. Hi, thanks for replies, but I dont want use the card, as i dont want anymore credit, i cant use it at the minute as i dont have a valis card and dont want to ask for a replacement, i just wondered if it would be better to ask BC to close the account on my credit file (as I owe nothing) or leave it showing as open but with a nil balance?
  11. Hi, Barclaycard says the account is closed and when I rang them a year ago they said I would need to re-apply if I wanted to use the account again, but the account on my credit files shows it as open, with a nil balance and updated on 15/12, so should I ring them to get it closed on my credit file, as it isn't helping my credit status? Or leave it as it helps my credit status?
  12. Hi, I have a question with regards to my credit reports, i'm not sure if this is the correct forum for it? I currently have a Barclays credit card which is currently fully paid off and has been updated as of 15/12/2013 and shows my credit limit, but I was told that the account was shut and I needed to re-apply if I wanted to use it. I'm not too bothered about using it, but my questions is, does it currently help my credit status as it is? Or should I get rid of the account to boost my credit status? Many thnks for your help.
  13. Apologies for not getting back sooner, I did not realise anyone had replied! The current situation is they will petition for my bankruptcy as i did not manage to pay them either £8500 or £2500 on the day they wanted it, the last conversation i had was i offered to pay them £500 at the end of the month and would pay them £500 a month until the debt is paid, after reading quite a few threads on here, it seems i should not offer them a anything at all! I have received a stat demand, which has already gone past the 21 days at least a month ago and they stated that they could wait until th
  14. Hi, No i havent taken an affidavit to the courts as i didnt know what to do, thats why im talking to you helpful people, its the only way i can do anything! Ive had a look at the above website and it only shows me what i can do, but im not sure in what position im in so im not sure what to do next. If you can help me out with this, it would be much appreciated, as being made bankrupt will cause me more problems than just money and bills, i will get hassle from my boss due to payments being taken at source etc.
  15. What should i do about this now then? cos it has now gone past the 18 days to have it set aside and i havent got a clue what will happen next? Also, When i hit the traingle with the exclamation mark, it says i have to right a message, all i have written is "can someone help with this asap please?" Do i need to write anything else?
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