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  1. Moggymad

    Charges Reclaim

    Hi I received a letter and a cheque today from MBNA that I assume is regarding the charges claim but the letter explains nothing and doesn't appear to be about the charges I asked to be refunded. Here's the letter, It's better than nothing but it's not the just under £400 that I originally claimed for. Should I send another LBA etc or just get started with a court claim for the outstanding amount ? Thanks for the advice from everyone who's replied(especially Ims ) in getting me this far. I will be gladly making a donation to the forum from my "winnings" as I don't think I would have
  2. Moggymad

    Charges Reclaim

    Hi all, I've just noticed I've made a couple of minor mistakes on my claim. I have been using a mistyped account number in all my letters, somehow I have been typing 4507...... instead of the correct 5407..... and on the schedule of charges I prepared I have got the date wrong for one of the charges, I've put 2 Feb 2007 instead of 2 April 2007 Will these small mistakes matter? On a more positive note I phoned MBNA up today to have a moan about how long it's been taking them to reply to be told a decision has been made and I should get a letter in the next day or so. They have made
  3. Hi SS How have you found the process of dealing with MBNA? I am also in the process of reclaiming charges from MBNA and have found them incredibly slow when replying to my letters. So far all I have had back from them is an acknowledgement of my complaint letter. Good luck getting your charges back. Jim
  4. Moggymad

    Charges Reclaim

    Hi again, Update: I got a letter from MBNA today and got a bit excited before I opened it only to find that it was one of their template "We are currently investigating your complaint and will issue a response within 28 days" letters dated 26 th July and a copy of the complaints procedure leaflet and not a decision or a cheque that I hoped it would be At this point should I stick to the 14 day deadline in the LBA or should I allow them to respond, however long that may take, before I start with the court stuff? Thanks Jim
  5. Moggymad

    Charges Reclaim

    Thanks Ims. I'll get it sent off tomorrow. Let's see if MBNA will reply to this letter this time now I've threatened them with court action.
  6. Moggymad

    Charges Reclaim

    Hi Thanks for your advice regarding the contractual interest and claiming beyond 6 years. I have decided to stick with my original claim as it being the easiest and quickest option for me. As of tomorrow it will be 28 days since I sent the preliminary letter to MBNA requesting they refund the charges applied to my account. I have had no response whatsoever from them at all so would giving them a phone call reminding them that the deadline has passed and that they owe me money or should I now threaten them with court action? This is the letter I've put together, Does anything else
  7. Moggymad

    Charges Reclaim

    Thanks for your replies, As long as that I was under the impression that most people got a response within the 14 days even if it was just a confirmation of the claim or the standard rejection of the claim. Wouldn't it be statute barred after 6 years? I did consider going for the contractual interest as well but decided against it as I thought things would have been a bit too complicated. Over the last 8 years I've been on a debt management plan with Payplan and MBNA have changed the interest rates applied to the account so many times I wouldn't know what charge was
  8. Moggymad

    Charges Reclaim

    Hi After reading the successes of other members of this forum reclaiming penalty charges from MBNA I decided to reclaim the penalty charges that I've paid and would like to share my experience of claiming back charges from MBNA. On 26th of May I sent off my SAR and a PO for £10 to MBNA requesting a list of charges that had been applied to my account over the last six years giving them 40 days to reply. I got the list of charges on the 44th day, the 9th of July with a letter thanking me for my enquiry and the uncashed PO that I had sent them. 11th July. I sent them a letter that was deli
  9. Hello everyone I've been lurking around these forums for a while now picking up some useful info along the way but it's now time to get stuff sorted. I'm sure that with advice from the many helpful and knowledgeable people here I'll soon have the problems I am experiencing with several companies solved.
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