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  1. Hi. My husband currently has his wages by Stirling park from previous council tax debt. With this arrestment we have been unable to afford paying the current years council tax bill but were told at the time that this debt would roll onto the wages arrestment that is currently set up. The problem now is that walker love have now taken over the contract for the council tax and are looking to do a second wages arrestment or this years debt. Is this legal. Can we have 2 wage arrestment a for council tax running at the same time? I seriously think if it does go ahead we will either end up homeless as we will not have enough cash left over to pay the rent, bills , food and the up coming years council tax too. The proposal for a second wage arrestment will meen that over half of my husbands wages monthly will be arrested. We are already struggling to keep our heads above water at the moment and this would finish us off. The worst part is we both work in the finance sector so if we go into an Iva (or the Scottish equivalent -cant remember off the top of my head what it is called) there is a very good chance we will both lose our jobs which will only make matters worse.
  2. PS. sorry thats quite a big question not a little one
  3. Hi just a little question. At the begining of november i ordered am mp3 player from studio. It arrived on the 19th of december - had to go to the post office to collect, the invoice in the parcel was correct but they had sent me the wrong item (different brand of mp3). I called them and they said the would collect the incorrect item but i had to call back in 14 days as the item was out of stock. I was not to happy as I has counted on this for a christmas present - but these things happen. I saint an e-mail to the compliants team expressing my dissapointment but recived no reply. Anyway the company came to collect the item when i was at work and put a card through my door stating they would call back at a later date to collect the item. I never recieved another card through the door (but over christmas and new year i didnt expect the service to be quick) and the mp3 player is still sitting unopened in the house. Called them back to ask if there was going to be another attempt to recollect and was informed that I had waited too long and the item can not be returned. Have I left this too long?? Am I stuck with a £200 mp3 player that is incompatable with my computer system?? And to top it all of they no longer stock the item I wanted or the one I am stuck with. I have now recieved a letter saying i owe them charges as i have missed payments - have not recieved any statements since november and therefore do not have any slips to pay money to them through the bank as i normally do. Any advice please??
  4. Hey everyone just an update on that address, this is for a head office that is now closed but the mail will be redirected to the correct place anyway. I will try to find out the direct address if I can.
  5. I work for a well known bank in the isa compliants / queries team. I would need more details but I know the customers that complain enough do get compensation. Is the problem with the fact you would have been better saving in another savings account or with the type/ interest rates of the ISA itself?
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone can offer me any advice. Its a bit of a long story. About a year and a half ago my boyfriend and I moved into a private rented flat, he was previously an n-power customer and decided to transfer his account over to the new flat. When we moved in we discovered that there was a prepay metre (white metre heating) that was with scottish power, as there was no funds or emergency credit in the metre we called the letting agency to inform them who gave as a tempory card to by electricity with- (they knew we were switching to n-power). A week later we got our own card issued by scottish power after ringing them they assured us that we should just use the card untill the transfer went through. After about a month or so we rang them to ask about the progress of the transfer to be informed that we were no longer customers, we told them that we were still paying money into the metre using there card and they told us to contact n-power. So called n-power who told us there was a problem with the type of metre we had and they would investigate and get back to us. A few weeks later we get a bill from n-power for 3 months electricity - called them again to be told there was no record of our previous call and they would investigate. This happen twice!! So a year and 4 months down the line we were issued with yet another pre pay card but this time from scottish power on behalf of n-power. Started using this card and our electricity has more than doubled!! - we suspect they are taking the year and 4 months electricity back in these card payments or are they just much more expensive?? We are spending about £80-£90 a month now. (£45-£50 tops last year) One bedroom flat. White metre heating - now switched off completly Overnight hot water switched of and only put on for 10 mins to wash in morning, 20 mins for dish washing, and sometimes an hour for bath - (mostly use shower) Cut back on washing machine usage to about once a week (sometimes two). All plugs of at wall when not being used, lights switched of etc. And have the electric fire on for a couple of hours in the evening. All these cutbacks and we are still using almost double the amount from last winter. This is making us misrable because we seem to be stuck with paying this high cost for electricity in a freezing house. Any advice would be much appreciated . Sorry for the long story
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