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  1. My stepdaughter is terminally ill and I was wondering how to deal with any standing orders, direct debits, standing orders Question 1 Our daughter is a single parent with a student son who has put his Uni Degree on hold (a)will he held responsible for any debts? her estate is to say the least very very modest (b) my wife and I are both retired with a little bit of savings not a lot, would we be liable?© can we obivate any claim on her son or ourselves against any debts? and finally would be helped in anyway for funeral arrangement payments? and do debts die with the deceased? Any feedback would be most welcome, incidentally our daughters has practically no savings or pensions whatsoever. Question 2 Primary next of kin? is it her son or her mum? hope someone can assist best wishes to all Paddy
  2. I am so glad I picked up on this exceptionally well developed web site! brilliant! I must say in advance thank you to the moderators and hopefully find out from someone out there will give me advice on a most serious and sad topic: which is my terminally ill daughter who has not long to go. I will post my concerns after I dwell what I wish to post thank you paddykw
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