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  1. thanks for replying. she is willing to go to court. she thinks i'm in the wrong and that she will win.
  2. I bought some ugg boots off ebay in oct 07. they never arrived. no attempted delivery either. emailed the seller constantly, she replied occasionaly promising to refund me in dec 07. she never did pay me and closed her ebay account. I said i would have to go to the small claims court if she didnt pay. no reply. 4 weeks later i went through the small claims court to recover the £90. It cost me an additional £25 to use the small calims court service. seller has now offered to pay me £90 but who is responsible for £25court fees?? she is refusing to pay these. I gave enough notice to refund me. help!! thanks moomin30
  3. Hi Can anyone help?? I had my 04 plate car stolen off my drive dec 07. Norwich union have placed the claim on hold (been 5 weeks). They say the keys do not match, something to do with transponders. they reckon one set of keys is not for my car!! it certainly is! I have used both sets of keys on my car with no problems. I'm not sure how to handle this as i've never been in this situation before. many thanks moomin30
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