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  1. Mortimer Clarke have written to me, threatening attachment of earnings against this old CCJ... CCJ secured in August 2007 for £5121 debt by claimant HFC Bank, payment originally to Restons and now to Mortimer Clarke for £5 per month. Registered to an address that I left 10 years ago and moved twice since. Paid every month without default. I stopped paying in January 2021
  2. Ok but previous advice was that as Mortimer Clarke are named claimant on the CCJ and it’s not being changed then I should ignore and not pay. Should I respond with a letter asking for full details and who the claimant is?
  3. Correct. Stopping paying in January 2021 following advice on here.
  4. So not named as claimant so ignore as unenforceable?
  5. Letter just refers to their ‘client’ but nothing on letter to say who. Claimant is just a number on the letter and doesn’t match anything on CCJ CCJ has the claimant clearly stated as HFC
  6. 2 separate CCJs. HFC one is the Mortimer Clarke has sent letter. Nothing on other.
  7. I have just received a letter from Mortimer Clarke saying their client obtained judgement on 23/08/2007 and as I have not made an arrangement to pay their wish to take action to enforce the judgement order by applying for an attachment of earnings order. I stopped paying in January 2021. Can they enforce? Do I ignore? Do I need to respond requesting anything?
  8. Yes correct dx100uk and thank you on your previous assistance. As you are aware drops off in 2022 so wanted to make sure I won’t be back doored again. Possibly one or two but won’t have been paid for 10 years plus. If I should write to inform, do I write to original debtor or DCA? If a DCA is already aware of new address due to another debt and can be proven is that sufficient?
  9. Hi Have some old debts (10 years plus), moved home 2 years ago and visible on electoral register but no longer get any threatening letters. To be honest, the debts moved around so many DCAs the majority were sorted but likely some stragglers. I don’t want a back door CCJ, should I write to all to advise new address?
  10. Paperwork was sent to an old address, I had moved twice since and not lived their for 6 years. Amount was set by court at I assume claimants request but not 100% as didn’t see original paperwork.
  11. Letters sent. Any options to reduce current back door CCJ? I have paid for 4 years so not in position of strength I’m guessing. It would help to get payment figure reduced though and more inline with other two.
  12. Can I advise change of address by email? So documented. Also can I simply advise this is my previous address and this is new with no reference to CCJ reference numbers?
  13. Should I advise them of new address? Is it possible to ask the courts to reduce the current CCJ on file payments inline with other ones not shown, as currently is significantly greater and would this not be a preferential debtor?
  14. Hi CCJ secured in August 2007 for £5121 debt by claimant HFC Bank, payment originally to Restons and now to Mortimer Clarke for £5 per month. Registered to an address that I left 10 years ago and moved twice since. Paid every month without default. CCJ secured in March 2008 for £8230 debt by claimant Cabot Financial (original lender HFC Goldfish Bank), payment to Cabot for £5 per month. Again registered to an old address. Paid again every month without default. Both no longer appear on my credit file, although I do have a backdoor CCJ which falls off my credit file in March 2022 and I am making payments with no default. I am now finally on top of my finances but not in a position to pay the really old CCJs off fully but at £60 per year in payment each they will be with me another 73 years and 125 years respectively! Aware I probably could of challenged but at the time was not in a place to. Should I simply stop paying, the CCJs that have fallen off credit file? Should I advise them of new address?
  15. Cabot have responded saying they may take 40 days to respond to CCA request......do I respond saying you have 12+2 days or do I have to give them this?
  16. CCA some of the DCA's and Cabot are returning postal orders saying the payee is not filled in! I have sent back now completed but advice stated I should leave blank....delaying tactics?
  17. @Andyorch Thank you, final questions hopefully....Debts which I am unaware of DCA do I write to OC advising change of address? Can I CCA and do address change in single letter? @dx100uk Thank you
  18. Gents, I'm sorry but I'm lost here.......I'm trying to ensure a DCA doesn't get another CCJ by sending court papers to an old address, which is how this thread started and they were successful because I was unable to defend. I have other debts, they do not appear on my credit file at all, they are over 6 years old but not statue barred as made token payments to OC up until approx 2 years ago. I have never paid anything to a DCA or spoken to them, but they are the ones that issue the Court Papers for the above debts.
  19. All debts have fallen off my credit file as I'm guessing over 6 years since OC put into default. I have moved twice since then and hence I am not getting any letters or paperwork if sold to a DCA, which I'm guessing they all have been. So to advise change of address, my only option is to write to OC.
  20. So for clarity.....I have been caught by DCAs buying debts from original lender, using old address, I have not updated anyone, so need to. Do I write to original lender advising new address? Do I CCA them also? Can I do in single letter? I have one debt which has been allocated to DCA....do I CCA them?
  21. I have made no payment to any DCA. Where have I stated that?
  22. Couple of questions..... I am writing to all my debtors today to advise change of address in writing, do I need to send registered post? Do I need to sign letter? Cabot have now written to me at new address with regard another debt, do I CCA this debt with them? I am going to make monthly payment and just accept CCJ for next 6 years, if I manage to make larger payments and settle in say 3 years, how do creditors look at satisfied CCJ ?
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