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  1. The link has no details of social tariffs.
  2. Well if one has not done as they say, why would I buy something which I do not want and which is immaterial really as the false charges are that someone in our household has been sharing something which is not the case.
  3. A Lady was on the radio the other day saying that power companies both gas and electric have what is called a social tariff, does anyone know if this is so and which companies offer this tariff?
  4. First before I continue with my post, here is the background to the case and how they get ISP's to cough up personal information on its customers. My wife is one of those falsey accused and she there was letters goign to and throw from March last year until April, then it stopped until this week when they sent another letter now asking for £525 instead of £325 with another undetaking form attached, we had edited the last two and sent them back with no money and also this latest letter had a blank judgment document attached which is supposed to have been used by them in a successfull case,
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