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  1. I am 59 years old and was anticipating that in 7 years I could retire and claim my state pension on my husbands N.I contributions. I have heard that the rules have now changed and I could end up with little or no pension at all. I worked full time before I got married but that was 40 years ago... I worked part time in between having the children, caring for my parents and now the grandchildren.. I work 16 hours now a week but I shall never be in a position to have enough NI contributions of my own and no funds to top it up. I have Fibromyalgia and a fair few other health issues and struggle sometimes at work ...I really enjoy my job but don't think I could physically continue into my 70s.. My husband is a year younger than me so will retire later than me, I am so confused with this pension rules and don't understand it all. Any advise would be helpful
  2. My daughter moved to her present address 16months ago and inherited a prepayment meter for both gas and electric...... 6 months ago her husband died very suddenly and she is left with 7 children and very little income... She is on a benefit cap and is finding it very difficult to cover her utility costs as they are so very high on these prepayment meters... She wants to change to a credit meter and pay by direct debit . ..How difficult is this going to be for her..
  3. Thankyou everyone for fantastic response and advise.....
  4. I think i will have to sign on for the N.I contributions alone..I have been reading up on it and whilst i dont pretend to understand the content,it will affect my pension,if i ever get there !! Even if i dont receive any money from them at least this way my stamp will get paid and i will have a DWP letter for the local council. Thankyou for everyones advise tilly
  5. I remember claiming it for the 7 weeks i was out of the country in Australia... The council covered rent and council tax and i wasnt on benefit i was overseas.I had to show my bank account and write a letter saying i was going on a non working holiday to visit my son...
  6. Yes i think if i am just a little more proavtive and dont allow myself to be so intimidated by the jobcentre i shall be fine... Thankyou for your time and advise most kind
  7. I am 54 no spring chick,but not ready for the scarpheap just yet I have just contacted Learning direct about a I.T course...That may give me some of the skills i may need for a lighter job and its free at my local library... .
  8. Oh dear it all seems so complicated...It appears then i will have to sign on just to get my NI paid up to date.. And becoming self employed and all the messing about that comes with that for the paltry sum of £65 a week ,well dont think i could cope:( Back to the drawing board then..All i want to do is keep the roof over my head,have enough to pay my bills and not bother or be bothered by the jobcentre who made my life truely miserable last time i signed on.... Thankyou everyone for the advise
  9. Its would be enough to live on because i am extremly careful and dont have many outgoings... The Housing Benefit and Council tax would be covered by the council i believe... I dont have to be on benefit to be eligable for those,i just have to show them how what i have coming in.. How i am providing for myself..
  10. Oh i see....I will find myself in the position of not having work soon due to health problems...I am able to work just not the job i have which is very physical and has caused me all sorts of joint problems and ongoing R.S.I... I am in the situation where i am not well enough to work but not ill enough to go on any sickness benefit and I really dont want to sign on...So my son and daughter have between them come up with various jobs i can do for them that they will pay me for that equates to what i would have were i signing on. Is this a silly idea ?? I just thought it made more sense than going to that dreadful jobcentre till i find a more suitable position..
  11. If you are not working do you have to sign on..Is it a legal requirement??
  12. Oh i have had a problem with my back for over 30years,Osteoarthritis for at least 5 of them and bunions since 15 but they have only been this painful in the last 2/3 years and and excruciating since i started this contract.....The repetative strain i have only had since working at this job.... I did this work 3 years ago (same company)but only weekends and it didnt enter my head i would have problems working there again.... clearly in that time my osteo and bunions has got worse and my back has given up with all the heavy lifting.... Prior to this postition i had a short spell unemployed and i felt pressured to take this offer of employment but quickly remembered how physically taxing it is........I love the work but fear i cannot pyhsically manage and the time i have been there its been a series of crash and burn ... I am due to have the worst bunion operated on shortly and i will be out of action for many months and 4 months later the second foot will be done so maybe i will just cut my losses give a weeks notice and recover from the bad back as i know i coud not go back to this particular job later..... I am pretty sure given the nature of the business light duties would not be possible
  13. I work at a large very fast restaurant,table clearing... Been there around 3months and its VERY heavy work,carrying heavily laden trays and pushing stacked trolleys ,before we even get to the 7 hours on your feet.. I am an older lady in my 50s with some osteoarthritis and excruciating bunions so have struggled somewhat... I ignored some of the warning signs of repetitive strain , and now i find i have it in my right hand osteo in knuckles and a developing bone spurs on index finger knuckle. Tingling in hand and wrist and numbness ... I also have injured my back,due to muscle strain ...I could feel it coming on but just wanted to finish the shift....... Now its in muscle spasm and agony... I have been to the gp who said to take a week off and come back if it was no better after that week of rest and he would give me a sick note for a little longer.. He also gave me acupuncture that so far has made no difference ;( My gp said with my history of joint problems and lower back pain i should look for employment more suitable as these injuries would be likely to return if i continued doing the same repetitive movements... He said i should ask for lighter duties on my return?? What happens then if there arnt any light duties...Would i be forced into doing the same work that has caused all my problems or would they have to find something for me to do?? Thankyou in advance
  14. Unfortunalty i was claiming jsa for over 26 weeks and then went to see my son overseas so lost all those weeks.. I rapid reclaimed on my return but of course it started afresh... So i dont qualify for any help at all
  15. Thankyou for your advise....... I will contact jobcentre with possible help for transport costs and i will definatly be composing a letter to my local MP unfortunatly he is conservative but its polling day shortly and i will vote with my feet albiet tired ones! I will also write to my local paper and see if they would be interested to run my story.... thankyou again for advise. As regards the bike and the knees...I tried out my daughter excercise bike and providing its not all uphill i may be ok...Im a nervous sort and fearful of going on the roads.... I used to be such a daredevel...The older i get the more wary i get ?? !!
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