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  1. Like I said, I was allowed to continue my journey even with defective lights, I put my hazard lights on. This I can only assume happened either during the journey or that day, as I would have been flashed at by other drivers the night before. Who in their right mind is going to check that their vehicle is road worthy before every journey, no-one is the right answer. To me and maybe I am biased but this is just cash machine for the police, should they not be protected us and our property which have higher stats rather than the mis-use of roads and vehicles on them.
  2. No I pwas pulled over for driving too fast and they also noticed that my rear lights and one brake light was not working. Even though after checking the morning after, they were.
  3. Obviously it was my driving at the time which alerted them to me, the West Sussex outfit. I admit that seeing the vidoe evidence that my skills were below par at that brief moment, but why did they not stop the vehicle in front of me travelling at the same pace ? Should I have not received a copy of the form that I signed though ?
  4. I was not given the opportunity or walked to my car by the police
  5. I was not given a copy of this form either and it has now affected my driving going forward being too worried about my speed and not being aware of what is going on around me .....
  6. If you are referring to my attitude on being caught I was not verbal or aggressive, just co-operative..
  7. The trouble I am finding now is that I am constantly watching the speedometer rather than the road now, as I am to worried about being caught again. This has affected my driving ability so I am no longer more aware what is going on around me but what speed I am doing ....!!
  8. I was stopped last night by an unmarked "flash" mercedes estate and informed that neither of my rear lights were working and one of my brake lights was out. I was issued an FPN for £30. This morning I decided to check the lights (hand on heart never changed a part). Checked fuses, looked at bulbs and then switched all the lights on for a test. Low and behold all working, so where do I stand with appealing against this FPN ? I was also informed that my driving was reckless (no penalty issued) and signed this form to say that if caught again my vehicle (at the time) would be seized. Again where do I stand to appeal against this ? This does not give me much hope of being the law abiding, tax paying citizen that I am....
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