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  1. Can anyone give a bit of advice.....I recently had a lot of hassle from Phillips bailiffs over a parking ticket for a vehicle i dont own but with my registration..well thats what i'm told,...i've never seen any fine! Phillips first knocked on my door over a year ago, i told them their facts were wrong,..go away. Next visit by them i spoke to Camden council and explained, their response was deal with the bailiffs..helpful..! Next visit i sent in a Data Prot' Act request,..and got no reply,..this was about 6 months ago,...so about 4 months ago i wrote to Phillips after getting more and more stupid bills for a car i dont own and put the matter in legal dispute. The other day another odd bod from Phillips came to my house,...i started videoing him and he refused to give me his ID, in fact he never said a word,...just stood there....bloody odd...refused to show me any legal right he had to collect any money from me,...and then i phoned the police, Under the fraud act a disputed matter cannot be acted on,....so....i waitd an hour and then noticed the baillif on the phone,...turns out it was to the police,...and they just told him to go,....i phoned the police to ask what the hll was going on only to be told the police wanted me to get a solicitor to phone them on my behalf and tell them what the law is. I explained my legal right to self presentation and was told that they do not feel that arresting him for fraud as relevant!!!!!!! SO...can anyone help...am i mad or IS there a law for bailiffs and a seperate law for the rest of us? Can anyone give 'legal' advice?? I'm considering a complaint to the PCC
  2. MANY MANY THANKS PEOPLE I KNEW they were3 acting illegally.Can't wait to drag their sorry **** through the court/bank/oft/ts system..Will definitely be keeping you all informed of progress. Any more ammunition gratefully received
  3. Thanks for the reply My thoughts exactly..waiting till the morning and then lots of calls to as many people as i can think of,..The police (ahhh bless 'em) didnt seem to understand what the law says about theft from an account, so they've asked me to ring back tomorrow and tell them what i've found out,.lol
  4. Hi all, Hope someone can help on this,.... I recently had a letter from th baliffs (MARSTON GRP) saying i owed for a parking fine some months ago. No mention on the letter as to how much,..so i phoned them,recording the whole thing,..they sid i would have to write to them to ask how much!! Bit odd..i then told them they had a legal obligation to inform me of the amount they wished to collect..suddenly they could tell me.. Fine £180 Attendance Cost £138. Admin Fees £75.06 These costs are so imoraly high, so, I then managed to contact the bailiff that wanted to make the collection and informed her i had made an online payment in full for the ammount quoted on their online payment page of £198.77 (this being more like the true ammount owed). I had asked my father to make the payment using his credit card. I recorded the conversation with MS Scott the bailiff and told her that her costs were imoral and probably illegal and that if she or the bailiff company made any attempts to get this illegal cost that i would happily see them in court. Today my father has noticed a Direct Debit has been set up on his account for £35. to CPP. I know this is illegal and will be contacting the bank to have this stopped and refunded, THIS IS MY FATHERS BANK ACCOUNT>NOT MINE. I have spoken to the police but they sem unsure of their position,...SO___does anyone know what i should do next? Thanks
  5. Zen (Japanese: 禪) or chán (Chinese: 禅) is a school of Mahāyāna Buddhism notable for its emphasis on mindful acceptance of the present moment, ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Day 3 of waiting for 'Tim' to call me back.,Day 2 of waiting for OFGEM.(sorry for missssssplellin on previous posts) to call me back.. Phoned BG trying to get to talk to my good buddy 'Tim', but he wouldn't speak to me.! I did have an interesting chat with the guy that answerd the phone though, i asked him to read the notes back to me taken over the last week,..'Tim' now refers to me as 'Mr T'.....('You aint gettin me on no plane,,,fool') Dunno if i'm upset by that. Apparently my account has been 'passed upstairs' and as such 'Dim',..sorry, 'Tim', can't speak to me. My account is with their CLT (Customer liaison Team), i asked to be put through to them ....and guess what,...theres no number! I then asked 'Can i liaise with your Customer Liaison Team tomorrow?' Answer...'No',...'They will contact you on Monday'...Monday?...what happend to Friday (tomorrow) being a work day,...I'm free to take their call at any time Friday day or night....Come Liaise with me!!!! 'Can i have their extension number so that i can ring them direct' 'Sorry theres no direct contact to that department' LOL,. 'No customer can contact the Customer Liaison Team' It just sounds funnier every time. Anybody had need to talk to the CLT ? Could you? ooooooohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol
  6. Well,...here we are 2 days later.. I took your advice and contacted OFGEN yesterday, they said they would look into it and contact me today as they could see that NO records of gas purchase existed at BG for my house for Sept' , Oct', and November, could understand where i was coming from with my massive overpayment etc....and they could see that NO cheque was in the process of being sent to me. Guess what....OFGEN havn't contacted me.! Its now 8pm and i've just phoned BG, AGAIN , and asked to speak to 'Tim' who for some reason 'cant be found'...Hopefully he is undergoing some 'Customer Service' RE-Training!!! This time i spoke to a new "Steve' who can't have been working for BG for too long as he stated that 7months was a ridiculous amount of time to wait for MY MONEY to be returned to me, and NO, no cheque has been sent or is in the process of being sent. What a surprise. .... 'Steve' is sending emails to 'Tim' and OFGEN ...WHAT do i have to do.????? Appear at BG head office in person.???? The slurry continues.........
  7. hey, sorry to interrupt, but , can anyone tell me where to get a CCA template.? thanks
  8. sorry to interrupt, but can anyone tell me where to get a CCA template.? thanks
  9. Can anyone tell me where to get a CCA template?
  10. can anyone tell me where to get a CCA template? thanks
  11. Hey all,....i've been looking for ages but can't find a CCA template anywhere,...can anyone stear me in the right direction? Thanks
  12. well,....if they ARE reading..................Would you like to send me the details i requested, as you are supposed to, BY LAW ? oz
  13. 21/1/08 7:20pm Maybe i should start my own web site...lol...i'm taking up more than my fair share of this one.! Just had a call from Tim Rilley, 'Steve's Supervisor' First we argued about whether 'steve' had hung up on me or whether the line was really bad. I read back to him the contents of the conversation and told him i would take the matter further as hanging up on customers can NEVER be a good way to conduct business. I also said that i would be claiming in for telephone charges etc when we go to court. AAAaanyway,...Tim tells me that the 100.35 that BG owe me was money they had overcharged me when i cleared my debt by credit card in June. 'British Gas will refund this money by cheque'..says Tim. I asked why it had taken threats of court action to get to this stage and could we now discuss the 25 pound p/week over 5,not 4 months that i was forced to pay until November when i left BG. His reply:.. yep,you guessed it....'i'll look into it......and get a manager to ring you' And so,...until tomorrows thrilling episode,..goodbye for now.! oz
  14. Milk marketing board...lol.. No 'fraid not,...although there's enough bullsh** coming from BG, perhaps they keep a herd or two!
  15. Right.....last update for today. 7:20pm Girl at BG told me i shouldn't keep ringing...LOLOLOLOL and that an email has been sent to a manager who will ring me today or tomorrow,blah,blah,blah. She also accused me of swearing at her,...thats twice now in one day,...i demanded she retract her accusation and informed her that lying was no defense for incompetence and if need be i would summons HER to court along with the recorded telephone call,for defamation of character . I just LOVE pi**ing people off!!!....there, now i HAVE sworn.
  16. lol...pubs...lol.... If i told you who i work for you'll probably bombard me with nasty things....lol
  17. Thanks ozzywizard, I work for a global organisation and deal with POS and ANY money transactions,wont say the name, but i KNOW they have exact records of EVERY transaction on my prepayment card. The fact that in the morning NO files were held on me....then early PM they said they owed me 100 pounds, then late PM telling me they have no records on me for sept, oct, and november just stinks of incompetence....or....the penny dropped and no-one wants to take responsibility and talk to me about returning my money.. Best day off i've ever had i think.....mind you i don't get many! oz
  18. Thanks Conniff, So patient am i that i'm gonna ring them in half an hour to go through it all again....if nothing else when it ends up in court the judge will hopefully throw a wobbly and will understand when i ask for BG to supply a card reader on the day or have a Pay Point rep present with my payment details in court with them to prove my point...i still have my prepayment card. I intend to recoup telephone and mail costs as well as any interest on my money. Bring it on!
  19. Hey ozzzywizard, I've had such fun today, cant wait for my next day off! Apparently they tried to send a message to the meter but it never reset itself...They then sent me a card that they said would do the same job, this too failed, in fact my meter shut down and it took 16 hours to get a technician to put it back online. Just a quick update on what has been a fun day. 4:45pm Standing in que at the post office,long que so i thought i'd give them one last chance...I phoned them and said they had 10mins for a MANAGER to contact me or i would issue legal proceedings against them. LOL>>>>A manager rang me straight back....lol.......Unfortunately he was an electricity prepayment manager and all he could do was pull up my details..Strangely strange as this morning my files didn't exist due to being a non customer! AAAAAnyway,.Tony Adesawya (manager) then read out a list of payments i had made onto my prepayment card starting June4th 07 to 20 August 07...Apparently no files/payments exist for me for Sept, Oct, and November when i left BG in discust. The payments were: June 4 ....30pounds June 5.....15pounds June 13....30pounds June 18....15pounds June 27....20 June 28....10 July 3.......45 july 17......40 july 20......10 july 23......20 july 25......30 aug 12......30 aug 14......30 aug 17......30 aug 20......30 ----------------- Total------- 385 pounds for 2 months gas!!!! I told Tony that i was not running a gas powered power station,was not physically able to USE 385 pounds of gas in 2 months,...the line went quiet! I then asked for the Aug to Nov records to be read to me at which point he said there were no records on the system.! Tony then asked for a meter reading..WHAT???...i replied that as i am no longer a BG customer that my meter readings have NOTHING to do with BG. I explained that the summer was HOT and asked if he knew any way i could possibly use 385 pounds worth if gas...No reply,he wasn't a gas manager and couldn't answer....And then the usual line of....yep you guessed it....'I'll get a manager to ring you' Well,....at least i got some figures out of them,...and it only took 7 months!!! I went back to the post office and sent a recorded deliver SAR
  20. 21/1/8 3.30pm Just called BG and spoke to Lauren Moss at BG,..she's going to send..yes you guesed it,..an email to 'steve' and his manager complaining about the way i have been treated and they promise to call me back before the end of the day. Apparently she and 'Steve' are looking at two different databases of info as Lauren has just told me that there is a credit of 100.27 on my account. I refuted this amount as...25 x 4 x 4=400.00 I said i would give them until 4.50pm for either 'Steve' or his manager to call me, or i would then start the legal route to recoup my money and would also start a complaint against 'Steve', and his manager. What a bunch of {}{}{}{}{}!!!!
  21. 21/1/8 3.15pm Hey....it's all going wierd. I just had a call from 'Steve' and i told him i was recording the conversation and his reply was 'i don't think you are treating me with the respect due...goodbye' and hung up!!!!!!!!!! ringing them back to inquire about a separate complaint about the way they conduct their business on the phone. And i WILL pursue them for ALL moneys owed
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