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  1. I did not have any contract with the company nor sign anything similar. I did take 2 days holiday which I was not paid for at all though. the amount was £100.73 but considering i havnt worked there in about 5 months I can only assume that its not an overpayment but they have accidently paid some one elses wages into my account, which i state again they still shouldnt have otherwise none of this would have happened. and I am not kicking up a fuss about nothing I just want some friendly advice which on most part I seem to be getting so thanks guys!
  2. my ex employer has imformed me that he has accidently paid money in to my account which he shouldnt have and can i phone the bank to see if i can get it sent back to him. do I have to send it back? as i have not been working for them for a while now and i dont know why he still has my account details still so is it not his own mistake? please help, steph.
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