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  1. Hi, thank you for the advice. I have written up a letter to send to the Housing Association. I would appreciate it if i could have some feedback on it before i send it.....just to make sure it all makes sense!! Thank you!! Here it is........ 19.04.13 Official Complaint Dear Places For People, I am writing to you once again as my initial email regarding overcharging with regards to my rent, has been meet with no reply. As such, I would now like this to be treated as an official complaint. Our rent has recently be decreased from £ xxx to £ xxx . As you are aware
  2. I don't know if anyone can help me, but i have lived in a Housing Association house for the last 6 years. Recently, they wrote us a letter to say they were reviewing our rent. Then we received a letter informing us that it had gone down by £40 a month. Around the same time i went to a residents meeting run by the Housing Association. At this meeting it was brought to the associations attention about the decrease in rent, and why it had gone down. They replied that they had overcharged residents certain service charges on the account, such as communal cleaning even though we don't hav
  3. Thank you for your help. Having read what u said, if they cannot affect my credit rating that way. It is worth a shot at least to teach them a lesson on picking on the little guy. Once again thanks for all your help.
  4. Hi, yes as soon as the gym said i couldn't cancel the membership, i rang and asked if it was possible to change the details over to my wife so she could at least use the facilities i was paying for. They said this wasn't something they did. If i wanted my wife to join i would need to pay another monthly fee for her as well. I explained that what had happened, i.e i was unable to come due to work commitments, therefore would be paying for something i didn't want and couldn't use. I asked as a goodwill gesture could they please change it to her name. Was told no. They were quite rude
  5. Hi, thank you for the quick reply. Ok, didn't realise about no cooling off period if you signed on the premises. Thank you for letting me know about that. My wife and i have a joint bank acct. Does this make a difference? I would be grateful for your advice on what you think i should do next. Thank you.
  6. Hi thanks for the response. In answer to your questions, the start date of the contract was the 24.05.11. My wife went into Bannatynes and signed me up as a gift. The contract was in my name., but she signed it. I was unaware that she had done this. When i found out she had signed me up i tried to cancel within a few days. As due to work commitments i am unable to go. She also answered and signed a health questionnaire on my behalf. I was under the impression that all contracts have a 'cooling off' period of 14 days. Is this not the case then? It is the gym that has threatened co
  7. Thank you! # p.s it was meant to start, Without Prejudice
  8. I am thinking about sending this letter to Bannatynes as they are threatening to take me to court. Please let me know what you think. Thank you. Without prejuice : I am writing to express how very disappointed I am with your company. I feel you have failed to address my complaints, and your use of heavy handed collection techniques which I believe have no place in the business of dealing with consumers, as stated in the unfair contract term act 1977. I feel no contract has been broken myself, as I have signed no contract with you. so no terms and conditions were told to me. I believ
  9. Hi, don't know if anyone can help me resolve this Gym Membership problem i have!! Back in May ( 5 months ago now...) i went into Bannatynes Health club and signed my husband up for the gym. £48 a month. I did this as a gift to him, so he wasn't there when i signed all the paperwork. It was put in his name, but i signed everything in my name. I gave him the gift, but unfortunately, his work hours changed soon after and he is just never here. Works six days a week all hours so he has never been to the gym. I rang Bannatynes 12 days after i took out the contract and asked what their can
  10. Had about 15 phone calls in the end. Just got last minute nerves and ground down by it all. All done now, just wish I went in the little room,(court). Its just all the calls started to grind me down, (cant say he didnt do his job then). Oh well a win is a win. Thank you so much for your help.I really do mean that. Just a bit annoyed I didnt go toe to toe with him again. Nerves got the best of me. Again thank you.
  11. Well had a couple of phone calls on friday, Was informed that the offer was way to high in his opinon. Gave me a hour to think about it. Now been told the barrister is coming down to court on tuesday and I will not be able to claim costs and they are preparing the papers. Just a thought but it is way to late to put anything else in now. E mails must of gave them something to think about, plus there legal bill is at 3k at the moment.
  12. Dear xxx, Section 4 of your way of service dated the 2nd of August 2010, ( which is seven days before the hearing and not the 14 days as directed by the court.) Standard disclosure- What documents are to be disclosed 31.6, mainly 31.6 b (i) adversely affect his own case. Why the Subject Access Request appears to have been completed, minus the banking notes made by the Bank Mananger, when i have now obtained them elsewhere from another source. The question is simple, why has the bank not provided these notes? The Bank has an obligation to disclose not just what is good or n
  13. It states allocated to small track. standard directions apply. and about all documents no later than 14 days before the hearing. So a email to there little helper is needed I think. Will have to put the thinking cap back on. Will start it: without prejudice save as to costs
  14. Right where to start : Recieved a bundle from Cobbetts today, including a witness statement from the Senior Legal Advisor of the Royal Bank of Scotland!! Which pretty much detailed all that has taken place. Having looked through all the paperwork, i have realised that the SAR they sent to me, was missing pieces of information, which Cobbetts have! Hmmm..that doesn't seem right to me that they left out copies of notes made by the Bank Manager which put the bank in a bad light. Also, the bank dont seem to have the original copy of the loan agreement, only a copy of the one i had
  15. Preperation as in need to write out a opening and closing speach. Just need to put all the details together and make it flow. Will have to have a big sit down and come up with a well put together little number. thanks for all of your input, been a great help! Hopefully, they will realise that they dont want to go to court and just give me the compensation i deserve!! well, i live in hope anyway!!
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