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  1. Need some info: Company is putting me on a disciplinary for 'failure to start travel' Gist of issue is. I am, according to my contract a 'home based' engineer. I have a Bybox approx 1.8 miles from my home where I have to go each morning to collect parts or use as my start point for work. It takes me approx 7 minutes to get to this location. The company states that the first 30 minutes is unpaid. My contractual hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. 30 minutes either side of those times are unpaid. Now, the company has started to insist that we 'start travel' at 08:30 precisely on the dot, no leeway. They have trackers fitted to vehicles, which they are using as ammunition for evidence of 'start' time. It has been established on numerous occasions that the tracker is not the most reliable piece of equipment and was not designed for the purpose in which they are using it. I have an engineer coming out to my own tracker as it is faulty. My real question is, can an employer stipulate when you leave your house to travel to a given place even though the place in question is only 1.8 miles, approx 7-15 minutes from home. what I do in the 30 minutes upto 09:00 is my own business sureley. as long as i'm ready to start work at 09:00 Any opinions, greatly appreciated.
  2. I rang first plus to enquire about statements, I told them that I was looking to claim mis sold PPI. They asked a couple of questions - 'i was not told that the ppi would only last 5 years and that i would be still paying for it even though it was finished.' a week later I had a letter in post stating they would look into it and would get back in 12 weeks. Got a letter back a week or so ago ' Ok, we hold up our hands - take the money' there calculations came out better than mine slightly. but as I had the premium repaid after the five years I'm not going to get what I was hoping. and if I take the money they would basicaly recalculate with the premium put back on and my payments would go up. ( not by much, but still would go up)
  3. I know what the offence is, Vehicle parked outside of a lined Bay. What i'm trying to ascertain, is, has the ticket been filled in correctly. what if the numbered offence was, say number 7. there aren't 7 tick boxes on the sheet. Surely the correct entry in the box that he/she has ticked should be the Number 1. not a tick.
  4. Hi, I Recently recieved the following whilst parking in a free Carpark. There are to my knowledge no signs at either entrance to the carpark. __________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Now, on the front of the ticket Offence 1 is just ticked. it does not state which offence occured. Would this be grounds for defence, as the ticket does not state clearly which of the 10 contravention codes took place. This is not the first one i've seen filled in in this manner. Sharpman
  5. Ok, Fos statement sent with schedule of payments plus 8%. fingers crossed that they are better responsive to the situation.
  6. (fyi Sidewinder Global expense is a third party company that handles expenses etc for companies. another task that the finance bods don't have to deal with) Yes I do use global expense. and i have expense claims with in my contract. Have been using GE for several years now. But all of a sudden the company insists that the claims are done within a month or it doesn't get paid. Have been with company for approx 7-8 years now. what I realy need to know is can they refuse to pay - not good for moral
  7. Hi, Can anybody clarify: I work for a company that pays us back any job related expenses that we incur. We have to submit these claims to a third party over the internet. I sometimes do not have the time to do this at the end of a long day. The Area manager is now refusing to pay for stuff i have put in that is older than one month. Oldest is about 3 months. Are they legally allowed to refuse reimbursement of expenses incurred thru job related issues. any assistance appreciated.
  8. Does anybody have the definitive 8% interest calculator as used for PPI claims. Have done a search of various sources and every single one comes up with a different answer to each calculation.
  9. It's pretty much what is on the fos sheet, but they are asking for name address tel no,mobile no, fax no, email addy, signature. pretty much every thing they could use to update another account. If they play ball and pay back all the ppi i could easily clear the other account and then some.
  10. Ok, Update. Haven't heard from littlewoods or their cronies for A few months now. Then out of the blue I get a letter in the post from Shop direct FC Ltd. Regarding the ppi claim that I started and was subsequently fobbed off with a while back. Now, I assume that due to the PPi findings from the courts that they have reopened any PPI claims. The thing is, that they have sent a very long winded form asking for alsorts of information that they should already have on their records. I don't realy want to be supplying them with information that they can use against me with another account that is in dispute.That account was raised on the back of the account the PPI was raised in. I'm not to happy about providing ammunition to these people. So, I think I will be replying with the Forms from the FOS. Along with an updated payment schedule with interest added.
  11. http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_5607179_delete-bearshare.html Have a look at the above ehow page, should help.
  12. I'm in similar situation. Argos have sold debt to hillesdon. have tried on numerous occasions to get CCA but to date have failed to provide. I just keep getting a letter every 21 days stating they are still looking. and I keep getting letters from DLC trying it on also.
  13. Ok, Sent off SAR. But like an plonker I forgot to put the £10.00 postal order in the envelope. Needless to say that came back to me sharpish.... So, re printed SAR, added the PO into the envelope and posted off. Subsequently it was returned again shortly afterwards. I had put electronic signatures on the request. They rejected the application on the grounds of 'not satisfied of the identity of requesting parties. the first time it was returned I can understand, but this time it appears they are playing silly beggars. I know there's a letter out there to send them to tell them to wind their necks in as they have written to my address etc. something along those lines. does any body know the location of said letter / template. This new format forum is a nightmare, can't find anything.
  14. Were these lines on the screen when you put it in for repair. did they appear when you picked it up the first time. if not, then they may have damaged your screen or there is a cable loose inside. you really need to get it sorted as the warranty runs out soon and you may find them hard to oblige after then.
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