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  1. Ive just had the exact same call today. :S Whats going on? Why are they being compromised in "Batches"? Well, She said Mine was in "The Suspected Range" She actually rang saying "My card details had fallen into the hands of Fraudsters" (Actually using the word Fraudsters!) It kinda reminded me of something off fonejacker! I asked If I could call back on my normal banking number to verify before continuing. Its just really strange how they know when "ranges" of card numbers have been compromised.. Perhaps its something in thier systems that has been compromised?
  2. Hi, Thier relocation policy only shortens the contract to 9 months generally. I rang quite a few branches, and they all gave different answers however! It really is at the discretion of the manager / asst manager who can cancel it with authorisation from the ROM. The contract is quite watertight, however the unavailable facilities is the most flexible.. I dont know about your branch, but mine has had "The greater part of a facility" out of use for over 20 days! ----- James Cancel My Contract :: Index
  3. I had a managed loan, many years ago after uni. And simply added £10 a month onto every payment.. Was paid off a lot quicker, and HSBC were great.. never had a problem.
  4. Hey, Ive seen around on the net that many people have used this angle, but never got anywhere, as its quite a small issue. (Im not quite sure what you actually want to achieve.. I doubt its worth mucH! apart from as potential leverage to cancel your account) I needed to get someone removed/cancelled from my account (My old housemate) and tried all sorts.. and eventually went to see them to discuss it.. and they removed him.. Face to face chats with them seem ok.. (But.. the secret weapon- take a small tape recorder.. place it on the table.. and ask if they mind. Turns everything around) ----- James Cancel My Contract :: Index
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