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  1. Thanks for that guys will look into the T & C. I have read though on some other sites that they can be claimed back ie exit fee and the charges incurred unpaid dd statements charges and arrears charges?? Just like the Banks as we do have T & C there Any advice would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi Guys Does anyone know if Capstone Mortgage Services has have a legal indemnity clause, I heard today that they may have as a company who they use to deal with SPML has. Can anyone advise???:-|
  3. Hi There, I have recently re mortgaged and my old mortgage company sent me a early repayment statement which had on it a monthly interst charge I query this with the company and also how they reached there current balance as ther was no statement breakdown. The guy stated that I had to pay one months interest but It went into a second month then two months interest. and guess what mine went into 2 when we completed on the 2nd, I paid this as lots of hassell and stress so just paid it they did say that I could try for a refund. So my solicitor has written to the company asking if they c
  4. Thanks for that will get cracking and send the letter off asap, keep ya posted and thanks again.
  5. Hi Guys Bit of advice please, I took out a loan over 5 years ago and remember at the time being told that I had to take out insurance to have the loan. I later had to take out another loan and was told the same. I got into difficulty a few years back and pay the loans on a reduced monthly payment plan now. Does this effect me claiming and also I don't have any of the paperwork apart from the loan account numbers. Can anyone please advise me as to what to do. Thanking you in anticipation.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, I don't have a landline with bt anymore BT have enlisted a company called credit solutions to chase the os debt its that company thats harrassing me.
  7. Hi There, I have an amount well 138.00 o/s to BT and have been in touch explaining I can't afford to pay it all in one go and could I please pay a bit each month, they came up with an amoun t which I couldn't afford ie 33.52 per month again I explained if I could have a payment plan and they explained that they could only do that if I provided them with 3 months wage slips. Is that correct do I have to send them wage slips as with other creditors I haven't had to and also if there anything I can do re telephone calls as they ring me now every day oh and I have now got a letter saying tha
  8. Thanks for that will send the cheque off, and await thier response.
  9. Hi New to this site, I've read a lot about mis selling of PPI, I took out a couple of loans way back in 2002, I can't find any of the paperwork but I can remember something being said about interest/ insurance being added to my loan before I could take it out and that if I didn't take the insurance I wouldn't be able to have the loan. Can anyone advise as to what I can do. Thanking you in anticipation.
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