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  1. I SAR Northern rock back inthe day and they sent me a legallay enforcable agremnet ect... I should add, Cabot have said they can get the documents from NR, ye mabe i should asked them for them again but the F&F is done now I did demand the removal of credit record as part of the full and final but they refused it went on for a couple of months and i just had enough. I think that was a mistake I am where i am now.
  2. I did a Partial full and final with Cabot on an old Northern rock unsecured loan The payment history is incorrect on my CRA; I made payments every month in full. Although it was arrangement to pay, it should show a AP marker rather then a 6 every month, that need changing at least I have asked for details from the creditor to support this file entry and they have failed to comply to my written request, they have no credit agreement with me or supporting documents for this account. . if this is true they can't legally report to my file ? I've opened a dispute with the CRA's but the is the only thing neg on my credit file and good do with getting rid of it How hard are Cabot going to fight when i owe the 0? Has anyone else any success getting rid of old entries which are settled any tactics?
  3. I've applied for teh CCA and like others only got back ( after a long time) Badly microphish photocopys with unreadable Terms and also un signed by the lender. That why i stoped paying until they give a proper copy x 5 agreements watching this thread with intrest
  4. They sent me a letter saying its going to be 28 days...I,ll sar them in the mean time
  5. I was about t send a letter to Virgin Credit cads and i thought i'd give them a a call for so i could get the right address. The bloke on the phoen said we can do it right now? Oh OK I said, He took my details and said I'll pass it to the right team we will write to in within the next ten days and took a phone number just in case they have any questions. Could it really be that easy... Well lets see what happens, i suspect that they will try the its been longer then 6 years BS ..... I dont have all the paper work but do have the account number ect....
  6. I know for a fact my student loan (pre 1998) is written off in full in the event of the death, just have send them the death cert as for the other stuff i'm going to give written instruction ( and pre-made letter to send off with my death cert) and hope to get a 0 blance, i know if they give even the slight presure she will pay up as the money will be in the bank. planning on being around for a long time
  7. doing some finacial planning, if i die my wife will get insurance plus my pension pot so a fair few grand lots more then my debts, what should be my instuctions regarding my unsecure debt? will it needed to be paid out of my estate or can she send my death cert and thats that???
  8. yes i'll send them the telephone harresment letter, then complain.....there must likly ignore it and igone them.
  9. I'm very careful with my home phone number but some how links got hold of it after years, they phone my mobile, which if fine as i refuse to speak to them. bit unfair on the wife and kids, they pass the phone then ask the questions ....not really that bothered but still needs to be stoped. if i owe you money take me to court.. Wonder how they got it after all these years(x dir ect...) does the telephone harsment letter work? i"ll send it anyway Link you stink
  10. perhas CAG could make some money by: by partner one of the applications vendors and get them to do a modification of the application for people with debt, CAG could supply all the know phone number of the DCA so they could be added to black list as a bulk load. they could also agree to email (spam) all the registed folks who have posted in the debt forum regading the moded application the apps vendor could use the CAG brand name to sell the app and have a ldown load link on the cags website, they share the profits say a 2 quid download 1.50 to the vendor and 50p into cag ???
  11. Application can be downloaded for free for: the apple Iphone Blackberry All android phones HTC ect... you can get a htc phone or a blackberry for around £100 on pay as you go no need to pay £350 plus for an iphone as smart phones come more and more popular it's going to make the DCA's life harder and harder to get through
  12. I made one panic the other day , i basically pointed out all the flaws in her argument for half an hour, then at the end read out all the misakes she had made and said i was going to post the conversation on youtube and ask her how she felt about that, the phone went dead When i'm in mood for it , i just love being phoned! bring it on!
  13. The golden rule is never talk to DCA’s on the phone you should insist they put everything in writing and send them the excellent phone harassment letter and demand they stop phoning you. In the mean time you’re going to get the annoying phone calls, just the phone ringing constantly is a strategy to annoy and harass by the DCA you into paying: I’ve found some tool tools to help: I phoned BT and asked them to bar all anonymous calls (“caller withheld”) (141) numbers easy simple and free took 10 minutes also might help with telemarkets and prank calling Most DCA use proper phone numbers these days but this did help! I then down loaded a cool application for free onto my HTC phone called “easy filter” this allows me to: Block an Anonymous calls Create a black list of numbers Or for whenit’s really bad, block all calls that are not in the phones contacts list It logs all rejected calls Blocks unknown sms messages All this is configurable You can either block or send to voice mail I’m sure there a version for the iphone and other similar applications for other smart phones, Lets all try and make there life’s harder! any other ideas?
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