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  1. Hi there, on 16th Sept I received a payment reminder from Grattan, telling me I hadn't paid my bill from my august statement so they would be adding late payment fee of £12 on to my account (to be paid by 15th sept!). I haven't ordered anything from grattan recently, so i sat on their custmer services line for about 30 minutes (0845 Grrrrrr!) and got through to the rudest cust serv person ever! It emerged that last Oct I ordered 3 magazine subscriptions on a '3 for £3' deal. (true). I paid for these immediately. However, I received a further 2 or 3 mags after the initial 3 issues as I f
  2. Thanks again both of you. I've typed up the letter, i'm going to try to email it to them as it's a real pain having to get the old printer out and march to the post office with all the kids to send the letter by recorded! I trust that's ok. I'm beginning to see now that this quite possibly could go on forever... Still. At least I've found you to help me through it!!
  3. Another letter from Ruthbridge; I'm a little confused as it doesn't address the fact that the debt is (hopefully) sb'd, and also doesn't address the lack of a propper CCA. So, what do I do now? It's like banging my head against a brick wall! Any suggestions most gratefully received... xx ok the attachment not great - this is the letter they sent me: We write further to your letter of 020109 regarding your outstanding indebtedness to our above client. We understand you requested a copy of your agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 despite you having stated that you have
  4. hello again, sorry to be back here so soon!! A new letter today, which i had to sign for. "...you are hereby given notice that we have advised our client to commence bankruptcy proceedings for recovery of outstanding balance". there is another offer of a reduced amount i can pay now to stop this. (lump sum). Included in the letter is a handwritten comp slip from JT, 'copy of agreement as requested (i asked for the CCA on 20th October). Call me asap to establish your intentions to avoid possible legal action'. The letter includes various poor quality photocopies, A copy of a s
  5. Hello all, Thank you again for replies; it's helping to keep me sane!!! Another letter today, in handwritten envelope; 'Contact Centre... it is imperitive you contact us to arrange a time for local agent to call. If you have not estanlished contact with this department within the next 7 days our agent will call between mon to fri 7 till 9, or saturday 7 till 530. Still no response to my CCA request signed for on 21st Oct. What do I do? Do i need to write to them again? I'm sure they're not allowed to keep hassling me again when they've ignored my CCA request?
  6. Hi, update... I sent the CCA letter on 20th Oct, recorded, and my royal mail report says it was delivered from their twickenham office on 21st Oct (I hope that's sufficient to say they received it?) Then, I received another threatgram re bankrupcy, dated 23rd Oct, which I felt I could ignore as this was surely an oversight, being as they would definately have received my CCA request? Then another letter this saturday, again, no mention of my request, but offering me a settlement (the figure of which is still much more than the debt could ever have been!!). Starting to panic now - have
  7. Thank you. I'll get the letter printed and sent today. I know - nearly 6 years since they say I defaulted, I honestly don't know when last acknowledgement would have been - fairly sure I paid this debt in installments to door step collectors so, depending on how you look at it, they will either have record of payments from collectors (not statute barred, but PAID)! Or no record of the payments, but VERY NEARLY statute barred. So Anyway, with no possibility of proving i paid it off, I'm hoping the CCA request, then SAR might keep them off my back until it's barred. Goodness me. Fingers crossed.
  8. Hi, Just a quickie, I'm just preparing CCA request for alledged debt aged 5 years 10 months, which Ruthbridge claim they will be bankrupting me for. They have addressed all their letters to my maiden name (name I had when taking out the agreement 13 years ago). I'm assuming it's ok to send the request in my maiden name? Or am I obliged to explain I'm now marrried with new name (I'm hoping not; why give them any more information)? I don't want to be sued for fraud!!
  9. Hi, haven’t really been on here since Dec 07 when I received a letter from Cabot regarding an apparent debt which I’m sure was paid off to debt collectors many years ago (although cabot provided no details – company name, amounts etc, so I’ll never be sure). Unfortunately I’m v disorganised and can find no trace of receipts from the 5/6 years ago this all occurred (although I remember the burly guy writing me one on a yellow scrap of paper on my doorstep!) and as I felt the matter had been dealt with long ago, and I’ve since moved house three times, I’m fairly sure all evidence since shredded!
  10. Thank you soo much. I'm gonna sit tight. No i haven't had any other letters. I haven't had any problems with anything like this for at least 5 years, and about 5 addresses! You can imagine that sick feeling I got when I opened their first letter a week before christmas. This has really come out of the blue for me. I know I had problems in the past but I thought it was all sorted. Well, I'll wait and see. Thank you again!
  11. Thanks. I'm so glad I've found you on here. I think I'm gonna need a lot of help and support!! I've been worried myself absolutely stupid all over Christmas & new year! I will definately NEVER EVER EVER be phoning them. Ever. But I am a bit worried about what will happen if someone else in my family answers the door to a collector? I know they are not supposed to call (despite the threat letter), but I keep telling myself, if they DID come, and I was in, I would know what to say, (basically that they need to write to me explaining why they want to talk to me!) Surely they can't j
  12. Goodness me. I really do feel sick. I've been rummaging through this site for a couple of weeks now, and have to say I've found it incredibly reassuring sometimes, although I'm still bricking it. 6 - 8 years ago I had some problems paying my way, and fell behind on a barclaycard, and a few other things. Not talking huge amounts of money here, but nontheless, debts I couldn't pay. I had several debt collectors in tow for a little while, but paid off what I owed and now have a reasonably healthy credit file (no CCJ's or defaults showing). I have a vague recollection of dealing
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