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  1. Thanks for your help Tilly, not quite sure how to use this ofrum yet:???:
  2. Hello, Can you help/advise. I am being pursued by the above for a debt of £4280 with Citi Card. I had an arrangment to pay them £100 per month from October 2007 I struggled and did not make this payment. I paid £200 in November and £100 in December. Prior to that I have been very bad at paying in trying to pay other debts. I have a total debt of £39,000. I recevied a letter from Aplins solicitors on 8th Jan 2008 demanding full payment or legal action. I am worried about this as in November I called Hillesden to make the £200 payment and the person on the phone would not take my payment (I sent them a cheque in the end which they cashed) as would only accept payment in full or they would get a ccj then apply for a charge on my property. The card that this debt is for I did not apply for they offered it to me as a guaranteed acceptance at a time when I already had a card with Natwest with £3500 on it, two cards with Egg with £5000 and £7700 on them and one more with Morgan Stanley with £4400 owing. I know I should not have signed the ready made agreement and took the card but I was living on credit using Peter to pay Paul. Will they get the charging order on my home I am frantic as my husband knows nothing of this and the mortgage is a joint one. Any advice please I need help.
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