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  1. Hi Car now back with me. A friend has given me the following advise and I just wondered if anyone could confirm it's correct. If I reject the vehicle as not fit for purpose then I have to prove the fault was there prior to purchase, if I request a repair or replacement they have to prove the fault was not there prior to purchase. thanks Eli
  2. I can pay for a copy from the garage that performed the MOT I have already contacted them.
  3. Hi esmerobbo, The mileage on the MOT is 103,523 the mileage on the purchase invoice is 103,545 the mileage now is 107,633. I don;t know if they had the MOT done or not but they did and still do have the advisory. Eli
  4. Just to thank you both for helping me feel more rational. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. Sorry missed saying the recovery people did not look at the car because it was pitch dark and we would not be asking them to repair it. The person who attended from the highways agency did check underneath the car on the hard shoulder and managed to get her hand covered in oil, I am trying to get hold of the person who attended to get a written statement that should reinstate the car was obviously leaking oil, the garage was aware of this fact prior to selling me the vehicle and therfore the fa
  5. Hi esmerobbo , Yes the Oil coolant/water and tyres were checked before setting off. I have done a bit of checking and looked on line at the MOT done in June 2010 there was an advisory, the things on the advisory were front and rear pads worn thin rear disc's slightly pitted engine has an oil leak. Should they have attended to these issues and serviced the vehicle before I took delivery? Not one of their 'carefully chosen professionally prepared ones' as per the web site. The car was taken back to Graylands and they have already had it in the workshop, they say it has oil in it now becau
  6. Thanks Rebel, Will take your advice and move the car ASAP. When Graylands (this is the dealership we purchased from) inspected the vehicle they removed a plate from under the engine should I ask that they put this back on prior to moving it. thanks Eli
  7. I put the signs in the window yesterday, they called me at 5pm to offer advice on how cars left out over night in that area tend to get vandilised!! The car is not in any way driveable (smokes after 1 min of the engine running). Do you think I might predudice my case in any way taking this action? I want them to feel the kind of pressure this situation is putting me under. I don't think he taking me seriously because I am a female.
  8. Hi Everyone, I purchased a 4X4 from a dealer two months ago paid £2495 for the car and was given a 3 month warranty. Drove it for two weeks when the back brakes started to grind got it check and found that the brake pads had been worn to extinction. Took it back and the garage (after a row) replaced the pads. two weeks later the fan belt went so we took straight to the nearest garage they replaced the fan belt along with the power steeering belt and one other that they said were in a bad way as well. Two days ago we had to get it towed off the M1 along with a trailer w
  9. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know what would be likely to happen should they suddenly come up with your agreement! I am on about year 2 now still waiting for my agreement started receiving calls again but promptly told them to Speak to their Mr Locke. Still worried though just in case I and up owing them twice as much in the end. thanks Eli
  10. Hi Guy's 12 month down the line and I have not recived my CCA still getting a letter every 21 days (I have kept them all). I have not made any payments for 11 months only got one call in that time, my repsonse was to call Mr Locke direct (and I spoke to him:eek:) He assured me that it was a training error and I had slipped back into the system somehow:cool:. I am worried though, is my debt growing all the time I am not paying and say they found my agreement would I end up owing more than I could possibly pay in a life time? thanks El
  11. Hi All, Well, received a response to my request to lower the interest rate which was refused, replied to email asking for the justification for the increase which I think is very unreasonable. I veiwed my account on line and noticed they do not state the rate they are charging you on there. Here they are trying to entice pepole to take out their cards with 12% interest rates yet charging existing customer rates more then double this surely this must be able to be challenged. I hope when we come through this financial crisis people remember the Banks/Credit card companies that
  12. No charges to claim back as never had any applied. I just want get it paid off but they seem to have other ideas:mad:
  13. Hi All, I have a Barclay card as above, I am paying every month by DD not in areas no late payments paying just over the minimum can not afford any more they keep upping my interest rate 28% NOW, how can they justify this when the bank rate is at an all time low, I feel like I am being robbed but can not do anything about it, I don't have the cash to pay the balance in full. Any suggestions on how to get them to stop with the interest rate rises. thanks El
  14. Hi, I have a similar problem I have a dual fuel account with british gas and have only been billed for gas since 2005 but today recieved a bill from 2005 to Jan 2009 for electricity the whole bill came to £1644 they have credited it back to £298 which they are asking me to pay only trouble is the whole thing is based on estimated readings the last one being 10908 but my reading today is 20777 I have had my meter read three times in this period the last time being only a month or so ago. What do you sugest I do as the next time the meter is read I will end up paying over £1000. thanks
  15. Hi, I have been Reading through lot's of posts re CCA requests and am a little unclear about exactly what the DCA should be sending, do they have to send a copy which includes my signature, if not how do I know if they really have a copy or are just bluffing by sending me a copy of just any old agreement. thanks El
  16. Hi All, I have had no further correspondence from Hillesden as yet. What's the next step? I am continuing to pay, should I now send them a SAR so I can find out what if any unlawful charges have been applied to the debt? thanks again, El
  17. Thank you all for your help. I look forward to your PM Martin3030 as I need all the informed help I can get. I don't know how many late payment charges they added to my balance but there definitely were some. El
  18. Hi Spamheed, Recieved a reply from Hillesden saying they are requesting the CCA from Citi Cards and will get back to me in 21 days or give an update. Should I do anything further and can I assume they have put any court action on hold for now. Also recieved another statement from Citi cards? I will carry on with the payments of £100. At least they can't send me my application (seen other threads where this seems to have happened) as I never filled in an application for the card in the first place. What do they mean by if they can not obtain a signed copy they will supply a true copy etc.
  19. Hi Spamheed, Do I still keep sending the £100 in the mean time. I am still getting monthly statements from Citi Card, If they have sold the debt on why do they send me statements? Should I be sending the £100 to Citi card? I thought DLC was part of Citi Card hence the statements, all very confusing (it does'nt take a lot LOL). Thanks for your help.
  20. Hi All, CCA went three days ago by registered post with a copy to Aplins.
  21. Just wanted to say that I am not behind with payments or on reduced payments to my other creditors. DLC is the only one I have this problem with. I am paying them £100 per month on a debt of £4280 is this not reasonable. I sent the CCA two days ago and sent a copy of the request to Aplins. Do you think there is any chance they may still accept my £100 monthly payment in order to avoid court action. Will I have to continue paying interest if they go for a CCJ? If they go for and get a charging order will I have to pay debt in full?
  22. Hi All, Just been reading other threads about Hillesden, seems they are notoriuos and quite sucessful in obtaining charging orders againts debitor's. Is there anything I can do to avoid the threatend charging order as this would end my marrige for me:(. All you here of in the news is how much personal debt this country has, surely the companies dishing out all this easy credit should be held partly responsible, and the DCA's should not be allowed to secure this type of debt against property unless this is the only hope of them retriving any repayments. They must be rubbing their hands tog
  23. Hi All thanks for your replies. Aplins letter says they have been instructed by Hillesden Securities to instigate legal action if I do not pay the amount requested in full in 7 days. Will the court take into condsideration the fact that I have caught up and put the arrangement back on track and that I did not apply for the card in the first place it was on a just sign here and it's yours, could this be seen as irresponsible lending practices? Is it not to late to say I do not acknowledge any debt with them as I have already made payments to them of £300? I have printed off and am sending the C
  24. Hello, Can you help/advise. I am being pursued by the above for a debt of £4280 with Citi Card. I had an arrangment to pay them £100 per month from October 2007 I struggled and did not make this payment. I paid £200 in November and £100 in December. Prior to that I have been very bad at paying in trying to pay other debts. I have a total debt of £39,000. I recevied a letter from Aplins solicitors on 8th Jan 2008 demanding full payment or legal action. I am worried about this as in November I called Hillesden to make the £200 payment and the person on the phone would n
  25. Just getting this back to the top as I hope someone can help time is running out
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