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  1. Moorcroft client is EE formerly t mobile.
  2. Letter is from Moorcroft debt recovery limited re EE (formerly t-mobile) this is about the 3rd letter I had from them this one is asking for full payment of£830 and offering possible discount. Can you help me with how I should respond? Thanks
  3. Hi All, I had a mobile phone account with EE original with T mobile for over 20 years never missed a payment. got into financial difficulties and asked EE for help with a payment plan which they set up. I was not able to pay on time the second month of set up due to uncleared funds rang them to keep them informed they were helpful at first and promised to call me the following day to take payment and carry on with the plan. They did nt call me I rang them only to be told the plan had been cancelled and I needed to pay the full amount due which was £194. I informed th
  4. Last payment was about 18 months ago I think. it doesn't matter that they say the fee was not sent? I have a reciept for the postal order which states the id number didnt think to take a pic of the actual order. Thanks for the advice
  5. Can you advise how to proceed. I sent a cca request to kearns solicitors/asset finance included a blank postal order and sent recorded. Received a reply today saying they are unable to comply as I did not enclose the required fee? Thanks in advance
  6. Received a response from Kearns to CCA request saying I did not enclose the required fee, sent a blank uncrossed postal order for £1 with request how do I respond? Thanks
  7. The reason I ask is in ref to my post below on another thread (don't want to hijack this one). The letter was in response to my 3 year old CCA request. Hi Folks, Got another big envelope today with a copy of a letter from Citi to DLC in which they wrote "we enclose true copies of the debtor's original and final agreement." Also letter from DLC to me saying basically that due to the age of the account they can not supply the original agreement but just because they are prevented from enforcing they will still be chasing and reporting to credit ref agencies. Is this a stale mate situa
  8. Hi What's the difference between a true copy and a reconstructed agreement? thanks Eli
  9. Hi Folks, Got another big envelope today with a letter from Citi to DLC in which they wrote "we enclose true copies of the debtor's original and final agreement." Also letter from DLC saying basically that due to the age of the account they can not supply the original agreement but just because they are prevented from enforcing they will still be chasing and reporting to credit ref agencies. Is this a stale mate situation? thanks Eli
  10. Hi Rebel11, Does the following paragraph from No 5 on your list still apply? Just need confirmation it has not changed so I can sleep at night. 1.2 The sanction under the Act for non-compliance with an information request is unenforceability of the credit or hire agreement for so long as the creditor or owner fails to comply with his duty. 2 Where there is such a failure, the courts have no discretion to allow enforcement. thanks Eli:-)
  11. Bump. Please can someone give me some advice. I don't want to get caught out napping, they are asking me to contact within 7 days otherwise they may take further action. Should I let them know they have not fulfilled my CCA request of 3 years ago. I have done a lot of reading on this site and it seems best not to ignore their letters in case they think you are ready to cave and go for a CCJ. The debt they are chasing is for a Citi Card that I never applied for, it was sent to me without any kind of Credit Check has anyone else had this happen?
  12. Well recieved the letter from DLC all they have sent is statements going back to 2006> Should I ignore them as no agreement, not sure what to do next please help?
  13. Thanks for your replys. I am worried now as I had a call last week from DLC saying they had sent my agreement, it has not arrived yet but I have the feeling it's going to be a reconstructed one. I just read Shazza50's clash with them and she was very unlucky and now it seems they have gone for broke. Can you apeal should you get a DJ that choses to ignore the point of law that states you can not grant a judgement in favour of the claimant without seeing an enfocreable agreement.
  14. So The Shadow, are you saying CCA requests are a watse of time now, I'm confused I've been waiting for mine for 3 years. Will I end up owing more than I could ever pay back in a life time due to added interest etc. Please can someone clarify the current situation on this, will an unsigned reconstructed agreement be aceppted by the courts as proof of my agreement to the terms within? Sorry if I'm being a bit dim but I really would like to know of the possible consequences of my actions and if those consequences have changed since I first started down this path. thanks Eli
  15. Hi, Got a call from DLC yesterday saying they have sent me my agreement which I should recieve in the next few days. Has anyone else out there had a call like this. They seem to call me every six months or so and I usually just say account in dispute if no agreement please leave me alone. What do I do if it turns out to be my agreement?
  16. Hi Just a quick up date, I got my part exchange and money back. :wink:Thanks for all your help
  17. Well it's been 15 days since they received my rejection letter and they have failed to respond. I have spoken to trading standards who are going to contact Graylands in the mean time I thought I might as well get ready to take them to court, can anyone help with the necessary paperwork and were I might get it from. thanks
  18. Hi esmerobbo, Thanks for the link, would you mind having a look for me to see what you think of the MOT history it seems this vehicle disapeared of the radar for a while as there is no MOT cert. from Jan 09 to June 2010 or am I missing something. Here is the Doc. Ref. from the V5C 60208480656 thanks Eli
  19. My rejection letter went through each problem and the timescale they happended in, breaks, belts then breakdown also pointed out that the sales rep. said all vehicles were serviced before delivery and I made it known that anything I bought must be suitable for towing a two horse trailer. Refuted the allegation they made re the engine running wthout oil. Quoted them from their web site re the vehicle prep. and gave them 14 days to respond. The warranty supplied was Graylands own on the front it says 'dealer guarantee feel safe in our hands' I have contacted trading standards and hav
  20. Hi Esmerobbo, No I did not get the advisory with the documents they still have it. I hope they are stupid enought to produce it sometime in the future should this et to court. Yes the rejection letter was hand delivered and followed up by one sent registered post on 28th. They have acknowledged reciept. On the warranty document it is stamped underneath the heading pre delivery service and hand written across the stamp is levels checked. What really gripes me about these people is the Help for Heroes banner they use to portray themselves as caring proper people, these banners are all over
  21. It's A Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 Auto Exceede. I paid by Visa Debit, I have spoken to the dealer dispute department I have to write in and include a copy of the rejection letter sent to Graylands, they will review and get back to me if they think they can persue the matter! I recieved a registered letter from Graylnds today acknowledgeing reciept of my letter and they will get back to me in 14 days as requested also that they take no responsibilty for my vehicle being parked on the road outside the showroom. As you know I had it recovered by the AA late last night funny thing is the sump gaur
  22. Would a car like this use the whole of it's engine oil capacity within just over 4,000 miles? No I did not notice any excesive oil consumption or any leakage. The journey was 300 mile round trip is it possible that the existing oil leak could have been getting worse throughtout the journey. The only person who can verify that there must have been some Oil in at the point of breakdown is the highways agency but they won't be able to confirm how much because the level was not checked. The warranty we were given is Graylands own warranty which was for 3 months. Your last paragraph begs my questi
  23. Hi Esmerobbo, Very good question, all I have to go on at the moment is Graylands have said in that what ever is wrong with it is due to lack of engine oil. What I am asking is no matter what the fault is does it depend on which action I take as to who has to prove the vehicle was sold with an existing fault. Eli
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