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  1. 3 of Benie's template letters later and Napier are refusing to drop this! When I sent Benie's template letter asking about accepting the contract and have wrote the following: "In earlier correspondance you stated that you had a valid ticket and you neglected to display it correctly. This implies to us that you were fully aware of the conditions of parking as you state that you purchased a ticket confirms to us that you were certainly aware of the contract as it is also displayed on the pay machines . Also the ticket clearly states 'Display the ticket in a prominent position behind the
  2. Thanks for your advice, I will respond with another letter from Benie's stickys.."The response to the “appeal” rejection", and let you know how i get on.
  3. Hi, I have been reading through a lot of the threads about disputing tickets from private car parks, but wish I had read them before I replied to Napier Parking. I now need to know (if anyone does?) if I have admitted liability for breaking a condition of the contract. I stated in appeal letter that I wrote that the ticket I purchased must have been blown from my dashboard... I included a photocopy of the ticket I had bought. They responded as per below: "It is clear to us that a breach of the conditions of parking was committed and the penalty charge notice (PCN) was therefore
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