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  1. I have a question my husband thinks that he may have got a ccj on this debt before of just after 1st credit got it, we have looked through documents but can't find anything that says he does, i have had a read through on here and am i correct in thinking that i can't cca them if there is a ccj on the debt ? They will have a Sar this week
  2. lol i love the way you dealt with it , wish i had done that now instead of letting it get me down.
  3. I bet that did feel real good they are very rude but the last time that i spoke to one of them i warned them i would take action if they continued with the phone calls and thats what i'm doing
  4. Trading Standards have spoke to 1st credit for me today and they sent me the response that they got from 1st Credit here is what they said to Trading standards "They state the last time they made contact with you was on the 18th June 2010, (one year ago). At that time they requested an income/expenditure form. The previous call to that was on the 26th February 2009 for an instalment review. Both calls were with members of staff who have are regarded as having unblemished records in respect of complaints. 1st Credit Limited think that perhaps you may be confusing th
  5. hi kitten1 it's not great how many charges abbey put on the account, and 1st credit are awful to deal with phoning is there favourite way of contact
  6. Is there a Statement of Accounts letter Template anywhere ? I have looked in the Library and can't see one. Or will just a standard letter do just requesting a Statement of Accounts ? Sorry to sound so daft but i really want to do things the right way
  7. hi debt4get how would i go about claiming back the charges that abbey national put on the account ? i'm sorry i don't have a clue about this. My husband only started paying the £13 a month in January before it was £10 a month since 2004, my husband chose to put it up to £13 himself to try stop them harassing us. We have now got this debt down to £171.39 though 1st Credit have not taken off the last 2 payments so they are saying it is £197.39 we still owe.
  8. ok i will get one sent out tomorrow
  9. thank you I thought it most probably was but nice to have it confirmed
  10. Thank you i will send those letters, does it matter if they are handwritten as our printer has broken I am not aware that we have recieved any statement of accounts from them i can't find any, do i just send a letter requesting for statement of accounts ? The original creditor was Abbey National, the debt started when my husband went over his overdraft limit in 1998/99 so orginal debt was £197.00 i think, but abbey national added charges to this account even though we were trying to pay it off then my husband lost his job and we couldn't afford to pay anything but all the charges wip
  11. I don't think we sent a cca to them as when we first recieved a letter from 1st Credit regarding this debt sometime 2003/2004 we went to the CAB as we didn't know what to do and we followed there advice on what to do which was pay them what we could afford.
  12. Hi, I am having a few problems with 1st Credit and wondering if you could advise me on what to do next. My husband has a debt with them which he is paying £13.00 a month for, that bit isn't the problem though, the problem is since January they have been phoning us again, it started at once every couple of weeks and in April beginning of May time they started phoning everyday sometimes more that once. We have written to them asking them to stop calling and told them on the phone when they rang we want eveything in writing but this has no effect, I now don't answer the phone anymore as it
  13. Thank You I will get that done as soon as possible Candlelight
  14. Yes I'm sure it was a credit agreement. Should I CCA and see if they can provide a copy of it though?
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