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  1. Bumping for help and new info! My OH had a visit from a DCA (FieldCall) this morning - it was my understanding that an account in dispute means that it is illegal for a creditor to send a DCA to visit a property - is this true? OH did not give any information other than copies of the 'This account is in dispute' letter to the other two DCAs that HSL have used in the past, and DCA guy said that more than likely his DCA would send the account back to HSL and would not want anything more to do with it - ESPECIALLY as my S.A.R pack arrived with the postie AT THE SAME TIME THE DCA WERE ON
  2. Hi all. I took out three student loans in the autumns of 1995/1996/1997 - deferred through to (I believe) 2004 due to lack of income. In spring of this year I was contact by Wescott demanding full payment, but who passed my account back to HSL upon my CCA request, which came just in time. I believed that the CCA was not valid but did not escalate the situation and instead kept silent, with nothing coming from HSL until July, when I was sent a First Notice of Sums In Arrears. September I was sent a notice of my repayment amounts for 2008/2009, stating that the repayment schedule
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone - I thought as much, that since i'd deferred successfully from 1998 through to 2004, it wouldn't be statute barred. I shall move on to attack from the CCA angle!
  4. If my last loan was taken out in 1997 (last payment received start of summer term 1998), and i deferred from 1999 through to 2005 (before moving house and not informing them of my change of address), does that constitute acknowledging the debt? Is my loan Statute Barred?
  5. So after over 2 years of silence from HSL, a postcard landed through the door of my parents' house from Wescott debt collectors, without any explanation of what the matter was regarding. I rang up and was informed that they had been charged with collecting the balance of my student loan (from '95-'98) which I had happily been deferring due to the usual post-student lack of income. However, I had moved house in late 2005 and had not taken the time to inform them. Despite my original home address being on their records (my parents' house), there was never any correspondence sent there, only
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