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  1. I did contact them this morning but the guy that usually deals with MH is on holiday today.
  2. I thought that was the case, I wasn't sure how the previous SB letter would affect the new SB letter! With a new baby the last thing I want is a doorstep collection person hassling my wife at home. One recorded delivery letter on the way to MH then!
  3. Hi, Two years ago I received a letter from Debt Managers/Aktiv Kapital with the usual bluff and bluster about a statute expired debt. I sent them a statute expired template letter and heard nothing back. After two years wait I've just received a letter from MeritForce threatening a doorstep visit within 10 days. They've listed the pursuers as Aktiv Kapital and have told me I need to call Mackenzie Hall by tomorrow, the letter is signed by the "Doorstep Collections Manager" Am I correct in assuming that all I need to do is send a statute barred letter to MH by recorded and be done with it?
  4. Thanks for the prompt and concise reply. I've printed off the relevant template letter as I have no recollection of the debt, have definately not corresponded with anyone about it nor made any payments within the last 6 years. I'll post any response I get. The template letter is far more eloquent than my response would have been! Papagolf
  5. All, I've just received a letter from Debt Managers Ltd for an amount due to Aktiv Kapital. The sum in question is around the £400 mark. I've spoken to Debt Managers, they started the call asking me to provide personal details for "security reasons" bearing in mind that I don't know them from Adam I refused to provide. The amount that they are claiming was for a vacuum cleaner purchased from DSG in 1995 and defaulted in 1999. I can't remember buying a vacuum cleaner back then for that sort of money and this is the first correspondance that I've had regarding the matter. I was under the impression that all debts over 6 years old are written off so them chasing is purely a fishing exercise. Can anyone confirm this? What should my next step be? Thanks Papagolf
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