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  1. As I understand it, IF they call you are not obliged to speak to them, just shut the door say nothing Dont go down the route of "Withdrawing right of Access" they can get a name from that and can if so inclined apply for a warrant, but as above say nothing, sign nothing, dont give any identity, dont let them in and shut the door
  2. As of this morning (02/03/18) nothing received/stuck on windscreen, will complete IF this progresses but thank you anyway
  3. Just a preliminary enquiry at the moment, nothing yet received. On 7th feb, I went to a McD's in a SW town, went thru Drive in, parked up and ate. They have copious signs about a 90 min time limit. I went to go approx. 40 mins after entry (Couldn't see any cameras/physical presence but car had a flat battery ( removed) Called RAc who duly came and tested etc and gave jump start at about 2hrs from entry. Before this, I went into McD and saw duty Manager and gave reg no etc and brief explanation ( They said they would log to prevent any "Fine" - pointed out that a fine was an incorrect term) I have heard nothing yet, but having seen various posts, just wanted to check that should anything occur, I can defeat this, The RAC will no doubt have a log, and so should McD Took photos of signs which show communication address for Met puking as a PO Box isn't this a non starter anyway? Will post if anything develops Thank you all for everything you help everyone with in all matters
  4. I have a long running dispute with HMRC about alleged overpayment of WTC which they have failed to answer. Today received letters from LCS Leeds making growling noises. I presume that I should tell them to F.O and that I will only communicate with HMRC and they have nom authority to be involved? Thank you
  5. I had parked properly in a bay at surgery waiting room car park and was just about to go in when a car from almost opposite bay reversed out into centre ( apparently to make space to turn and exit) BUT they kept coming. I sounded my horn but nothing happened and then they came to a stop on my NS front wing/door junction. No driver in car obviously failed to set handbrake. My damage is very slight, will probably polish out ( fairly old car anyway) I took photographs and went for appt. Made enquiries in waiting room, no takers. Had appointment, about 30 minutes and still the other car resting against mine, so with assistance pushed it clear and left my details. Should I inform my insurers? They are such that I feel it will open up the usual can of inefficiency, stupidity and it was my fault for being parked in a bay etc. I would estimate cost of my repair to be say £20 can of paint and a couple of hours rubbing down etc. I have no details of the 3rd party an they have, as yet not contacted me
  6. Just received a renewal notice for my Drivers Digital Tacho Card (expires mid Nov) As I am now retired, I do not plan to drive lorries any more, and indeed do not have a valid Drivers CPC Is it necessary to tell DVLA, there is no place to do so on the form, only to renew or just cancel/destroy on renewal date?
  7. Thank you very much, So Poole is the address to serve a County Court on?
  8. isupply owe me over £500 in overcharges on our account They seem to have a great reluctance, despite confirming the amount to refund and deliberately delaying I would be grateful if someone could confirm their offices either the one in Richmond Hill Bournemouth, or the (company name) in Poole before I issue a CCC against them Many thanks
  9. Totally agree, their on line system for SORN/vehicle checking/Taxing etc is good and of course print outs can be taken, auto email response id good as well. I have our car tax on rolling DD and that seems to work well. Such a shame their postal handling is so C**p
  10. Does anyone have the name, postal address and if possible email address for the CEO /MD of Swinton Car insurance please?
  11. Fair enough, but as the car pictured is my old one, I must assume that it is this engine, also have been a few misleading things on previous ads, but as you say not mine anymore, so I will pass it but declared mileage on V5 sale as approx. 210000. Still bloody good for a 20 year old car that would still do 140mph !
  12. Last Autumn I sold my car no problem with that, But just noticed a for sale ad on Ebay for the engine ( ok so he's breaking it) but it states the engine mileage is 120000 and clocks working. Now at the time of selling the mileometer had stopped at about 198000 several months earlier and I am sure I put about another 9-10000 miles on, whilst the engine was good it had clocked over 200000 miles, Should I make any mention of this or is it now not my concern?
  13. Agree with Uncle B, the Range seem certainly at branch level to think that they are above the Consumer rights Act. We had an instance a while ago when a food mixer drive gear broke up they constantly said "refer to makers" it was only after a sharp and pithy exchange of emails with head office and a suggestion of Trading Standards and a County Court that they quite speedily agreed a full refund ( but they didn't have to as it ideally would have been a partial refund due to time of purchase/to date of fault) Don't let them fob you off they are notorious for abnegating their responsibilities
  14. Thank you for your thoughts, I appreciate it is in order, it's just that I have perhaps old fashioned morals it seemed ok when definitely working "full time" and an on going job but I did wonder.
  15. Brief details firstly 1. age 67 therefore receiving State Pension 2. Work for an agency virtually full time 3. Contract I have been on for 3.5 years is just about to finish 4. Although still registered with agency jobs will be as and when 5. Due in May to have operation So my question is, a) morally and b) practically would I still be entitled to SSP ( and accruing Holiday entitlement) even if I have little placements between now and Hospital? I don't, at the moment intend to "resign" (Cant be doing with being an idle pensioner!) I had an operation last October and took a total of 6 weeks off whilst working full time and received SSP and Hol Pay for this period I am just interested in whether it is correct and indeed ethical Many thanks for opinions
  16. The personal allowance is £11000.00 per annum so that divided by 52 would give you the average amount each week not taking into account any weekly ups and downs, other sources of income, overtime, bonuses or any other factors and allowances. You should therefore use the average of £11000 / 52 of £211.53 As a GUIDE ONLY
  17. My wife has had for a few years a pre payment account (Paid by Direct Debit) for her Px's We have just received a demand for an alleged claim for a prescription as "Exempt from Charges". Now the detail is she turned 60 in mid August this year and We cancelled with her bank the Direct Debit for any payments post this date. On checking Bank Statements we note that NHS have not claimed any payments from Januray 2016, although we have not until the date above cancelled the DD. We understood that the system was self renewing until cancelled and we have had NO communication from them about missed payments etc. How do we stand on this? I feel that the note on the pX form of exempt may well have been a clerical error on the part of the pharmacy but I am not inclined to pay a fine when we believed the system was in place Thoughts appreciated
  18. I cancelled my Direct Debit after the 6th payment ( so payment for the year in full, They huffed and puffed and threatened until I told them that there was no legislation that required me to pay in advance and they would be prosecuted if they did anything silly like "Inspectors " or DECA However I did tell them about 3 months before that I would be stopping payment and would do the same again every year
  19. We purchased a blender (cost approx. £30.00) from The Range about 7 months ago. The spinner wheel that turns the blades disintegrated a few days ago. The Range are saying because there is a Manufactures guarantee, it should be returned to them and the store will not budge on this. This seems to be in total defiance of the Consumer Rights Act(2015) which amongst other thing states that a Manufacturers guarantee does not override the retailers responsibility Any thoughts please?
  20. It states that you need a licence to watch Live broadcast, now assuming not using slightly behind watching of live programmes, how is it l enforceable or indeed legal to claim that "Catch up" ie I Player is "live TV? for example watching a programme 3 or 4 days after transmission?
  21. Thank you for your advice, I thought it must be like that
  22. A question for something which is coming up, I am 66 working more or less full time and therefore I do not have NI deducted from wages, only PAYE Question is I am due in probably late Summer to have a hospitalization and then 6-8 weeks before fit to return, Am I eligible for SSP ? Working Tax credit, should they be informed when off sick ? Should I claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit for a non working period Thanks for your advice
  23. Thank you for your replies, it rather confirms what I thought, that HMRC "anticipate" and collect in bits rather than a one off hammering
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