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  1. right, thanks, currently sick and struggling to do that just thought I might get a bit of help, I wont ask again.
  2. Gone for a free credit report with noddle as wanting to rebuild my score I have 2 debts listed, and a wrong address which ive raised issues for. However one debt says date of default 2008 and yet then underneath on the yearly calendar it doesnt start the default until 2013 Can anyone shed any light? thanks
  3. Hes had the letter and it says he can appeal but only gives 5 days Is he able to appeal again the reasons for dismissal? rather than just trying to get the job back as lets face it he doesn't really want to, but does want to be able to get a new job.
  4. no i think it was the overall managers decision, just the team leader and HR manager told him, he did say while he was there anything he can do, they said no packed his stuff and sent him out. But he is also waiting for the written letter to see what is put on that. (I will mention this has happened to a few people while he was there)
  5. My husband got a new job with a company in June 2013 His original job offer was in development but when he got there after several weeks of being told (while in training) that was his job he found out that apparently the team leader said he didn't want him in that role due to him not being consulted on the post He still worked there, and his job title changed , he was then before Christmas offered a choice of 3 different job titles but again they said he hadn't proved himself for the role he chose, However he was never given any work to do so. Before Christmas he was told tha
  6. Had a reply, it was their complaints procedure, and it stated they would be carrying out a thorough investigation.
  7. ok thanks, letter going off today and will sort the CR when im not at work. will let you know if i get a reply.
  8. I havent yet, will need to join something, ive heard of noddle but then noticed several people getting £12 charges taken from their account when supposed to be free.
  9. thanks both of you. The only other thing I can think of is if an old debt got taken over but I have absolutely no details of anything with BPF and no where near that amount , the only car and motorbike type loans I had were paid off in full. Is this the correct letter? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387363-You-know-nothing-of-the-Debt-Prove-It
  10. Ive had 3 letters from Cap quest for a debt with Barclays partner finance for a large sum, at first I thought it was a credit card owed but then realised that it wasn't and that Ive never had a loan with this side of the company especially for nearly 10k!! They have apparently purchased this debt They sent a CCJ threat just before last post date this month so shortening any reply time to about 3 days due to the fact royal mail was mostly closed. Then another immediately after Christmas saying they are still going for legal proceedings and seeing as I seem to have no other cc
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