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  1. Who is selling our details ? and why are we getting these letters? We owe nothing!! Just heard on the radio today how T-mobile have sold on x clients details onto this kind of [causing problems] low life ****! put back in post marked 'not known at this address!
  2. ribraff


    So today natwest have taken just over £100 fromy account in various charges, I am at a particularly vulnerable time, self employed in the marine leisure trade and now have £10 to put fuel in the van and buy food. I had a scan of the papers today and it would seem that even though the banks have been exposed for their institutional greed it has not discouraged them in any way whatsoever, our impotent MP's are probably too busy working out how to hide their expenses now and no doubt the house of lords will rule in the banks *favour..... My motto for the day..... 'crime pays'. *
  3. ribraff


    Natwest have recently charged me for a bounced cheque, this was subsequently represented a few days later and due to insufficient cleared funds it bounced again, i have been charged for this on both occasions £38, are they allowed to do this? Is there anything i can do?
  4. Thanks yourbank Well i called them and they've told me it's a mistake and are refunding it tomorrow. I'm gonna really go for them now.
  5. Hi I have claimed an amount of money back from Natwest before the stop was put on, since then i have noticed a much more agressive approach to my account and i now wish to put in a second claim even though they are on hold at the mo, can you tell me if this is possible? I have ordered my statements from Natwest for the last two years and they turned up yeasterday. I have looked at my account statement today online and noticed 5 charges which are listed as 'historic stmnt fee' at £5 each, my understanding was that they can only charge £10 for historic statements or am i missing something
  6. I think i may be in the same boat as far as my AGC is concerned, i'm sure thay just upgraded me to the useless account. How do i go about a SAR (subject access request) ... is there a template somewhere? Thanks
  7. Hi all I am new to the forum and have joined because of a number of issues, one of them being bank charges, i managed to claim back nearly £3000 from snatchwest and since then thay have adopted a very hostile approach to my account but that's another story! I live on a boat in Devon with my girlfriend and we rent a pontoon space from the local harbour authority, this year they have introduced metered electricity posts for which we have to pay for. We received a letter from them stating that the unit charge was 12pence and a service charge of £4 per month. This seems pretty high to me
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