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  1. Cheers for the heads-up Sir_Gilmour, appreciate the help.
  2. Good evening all, Strange thread this, but I'm hoping you guys (and girls) can help with a research paper I'm currently putting together. I'm investigating the factors that have led up to, and created, the unprecedented level of consumer debt (in the UK), which CreditAction suggest could now be as much £1,452bn. The factors I'm talking about are the likes of: Irresponsible Lending, Extortionate Credit, Lack of legislation, Govt Deregulation Over-Indebtedness, Lack of power for the regulators (Should the FSA have been given the role of regulating 'credit' as appo
  3. I'm thinking of doing so, however I'm writing them a letter requesting a refund first, if they pay then that will be the end of the matter... However I have warned that failure to pay will result in me seeking both criminal and civil action being brought against them. If you are reading this and are planning to pay a fine to CHP Associates - DO NOT DO SO! Please read this entire forum and then decide. If you, like me, have paid - please watch this space, as after I have finished my ordeal, I will be more than willing to help others. Get in touch. Tom
  4. Thanks Battyboomboom, good advice. I'll be sending a letter to them tomorrow requesting the £50 + the 5% I was charged for using paypal. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Tom
  5. I've been thinking about taking them to caught and am almost deffinate I would win - for so many reasons. One being the wrong date on the ticket. Anymore advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Tom
  6. Right so here it is, I'm a 17 year old student, and studying law - the reason behind me thinking the ticket I recieved was very "dodgy". I was issued with a ticket on the 6th December last year, however the ticket was dated 6 - 11 - 07, unfortunately I only noticed this after paying the ticket. And the ticket was in a yellow package which read "FIXED PENALTY NOTICE". On the 7th December I wrote a letter to CHP Associates asking for: i) A detailed map of their companies jurisdiction in the area I was believed to be parked - Stating I would verify this with Bristol City Counc
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