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  1. Thanks, on all the maps i checked it has Abbey Street stopping at Tower Bridge Road. No case then....just as well I didn't take it further. Which map have you used..? the A-Z shows it as Long Lane..?
  2. Hi, I have received (and paid) a congestion charge penalty for entering the London Congestion Charge Zone. At the the time I had no recollection of doing this. I hired a vehicle from a car hire firm in Abbey Street (SE1) so the ticket took over three weeks to arrive. On the ticket it said "Abbey Street West of Tower Bridge Road"... however this road is outside of the congestion zone but it does run into Long Acre Lane which is in the congestion zone (Abbey Street & Long Acre Lane is a junction/crossroad over Tower Bridge Road) I telephoned the congestion charge customer service and told them that Abbey Street as mentioned on the PCN is outside the CC Zone. The customer service agent had a look and agreed and advised me to write a letter stating that I had no recollection of entering the zone and that Abbey Street is outside of the congestion zone. I wrote a letter and recived a letter confirming that they had CCTV footage of the vehicle entering the congestion zone but did not mention Long Acre Lane. Once I thought about it longer I did remember going into the zone although in error as I it thought it was after 6:00pm (ticket was 5:55pm). Overall it has has cost me £140 as I was charged an administration fee by the car hire firm as well... It's probably all too late now as I have paid the ticket (and thus i assume admitted full liability), however on a a point of issue if the PCN for the congestion charge does not clearly state the correct road for the contravention/entry is it still liable? Thanks
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