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  1. Well, bit of an update, spoke to the dealers partner, we didnt know he had one , he said the e.c.u has now been fitted, but the car wont start 1st time, so he's having a new starter motor fitted, we got it back today after lots of apologies from him, but its still not brill at starting:|, so i have decided to cut my losses and keep it, and see how it runs, as ive just lost all fight now, cant be bothered ringing him up to tell him its not right, as i'll wave goodbye to it for a few more weeks, i know its the cowards way out, but least it here now and i can either spend a bit on it or sell it a
  2. Thanks for all your support, the card providor is Natwest, thanks
  3. Thanks for quick reply, i read on the (Visa chargeback management guidelines for visa merchants) - on google, that they have different reason codes for doing chargebacks, i think mine would come under their (Reason code 53 - Not as described or defective merchandise). Anybody enforced these ??
  4. :-)Hi, I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Basicly, i purchaced a car Vauxhall Astra 03 plate 1.8cdti, on 23.7.12 £1.5k, paid on my Visa debit card, from local car dealer, got no logbook with car, got told to go to post office to apply for one, just the m.o.t and a bit of service history, on my receipt it says 'Trade Sale'. We drove the car home (2 minutes away), Engine management light on and car wouldnt lock with keys. We drove car straight back and its been in the dealers posession ever since. (3weeks today) !!. In this time the car has been in 4 different garages (Inc
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