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  1. I meant I am new to this thread and the problems with Onesure
  2. Hi I am new to this forum and I have problems with Onesure, I would like advice on how to request for SAR by Raydetinu.
  3. Again thank you for replying Curlyben, but have I blown it by having talked with Barclays banks? And further more why did they say they would close the account when I said I suspected identity theft and why did Lowell say that Barclays should not have talked to me? What I wandered, do banks close accounts when they sell to debt collection companies and if so, how come Barclays only just closed the account? Again thanks!
  4. Thanks CB, but have you read my reply to Froudy as you will see I already talked to them, and Barclays but I left Lowell no phone or address and just mention my parents live at that address, oops I know but too late now:cry: so do I send my passport etc to Barclaycard and what if someone did take my identity? Thanks again, wish I could get more comments.
  5. Thanks Froudy for your reply, I was hoping to get more replies as I am confused what to do. I phoned again Barclays the Fraud department saying that I was concerned if it is a case of identity theft and they have asked for copies of my birth certificate and passport, confirmed it is a Barclayscard and would close the account immediately but could not disclose as there is the dispute of who owns this debt in the meantime Lowell got cross with Barclaycard and told me they had no right in dealing with this as they had sold debt to them and the account would have been closed anyhow, and Lowell suggested I send them instead my passport and driving licence. I just wished I got more comments. In the meantime, I have a very good advisor through my personal identity theft policy.
  6. hi and sorry new at this, someone left a reply but cannot see it, am I doing something wrong?
  7. Hi there, new to this forum, I hope this gets a reply, would appreciate your help, I have relatives living at an old address (I lived there back in 1997)received a letter from Lowell Portfolio I ltd with appointed collection agents Red Debt Collections Services, they have my surname correct but my first name is Maria and they put Mrs Marie, they say I owe money about £100, so if it wasn\'t for my relations that live there I would not have known about this, back in 1994 my husband went banckrupt and then was discharged after three years and some joint debtors came to me for payment of debts in joint names, I settled and paid all, so I thought but cannot remember this nor if it is genuine, I have identity protection and they said to check with experian which I have and there is no mention of this debt, I then phoned barclayscard and they said to call tomorrow and that the reference number on letter is of one of their credit cards but could not give me more information as they could not confirm my identity, and to call back tomorrow, I must admit that a few years (2) I had applied to Barclays for a card and was refused but I didn\'t think anything of it, I put it down to it being related to my husband, my credit is healthy and have no arrears and would not want this to cause problems for me also I don\'t even know if it is my debt or someone has used my surname and old address but I would have known of any other mail befor this as my relatives have lived there since 1998, Please advise on my best course of action, if I owe the money and have to pay, I will if it gets my name cleared with Barclays but not sure if it is my debt and how to find out. Could you tell me if this company is legit? Many Thanks, Maria
  8. Hi there, just found this forum as I was looking for help with Lowell.Portfolio I and it is a great forum with lots of help in many other areas too, well done! Thanks:)
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