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  1. Yeh thanks for the replies one correction to add drakes bailiffs do have the power to arrest but however only after they have been issued with an arrest warrant from the court they cannot just arrest you with a distress warrant
  2. Hi guys I had a visit a day or two ago from a nice (ha) lady bailiff from drakes now this is in relation to a speeding fine unpaid what happend was i made an arrangement with the court to pay in installments however i have been off work sick for 12 months and money ran tight so i didnt make a payment for 6 weeks when i phoned up to pay again in october i was told by the central payments office that the matter was now with drakes and i would have to wait for the matter to be returned to them with this i spoke to drakes explained i couldent pay the £150 they now wanted up from £100 and th
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