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  1. Hi welcome to CAG, My siter in law's a GP, and she tells me that regardless of wether the GP or Practice nurse issued a handwritten prescription it will have been documented on your daughters notes along with a brief reason why she was prescribed the medication, as her parent you are entitled to write to "The practice Manager" and request: 1. A copy of her medical records, which will include that particular visit with the nurse. 2. An appointment with the practice nurse and the GP to discuss the consequences of your daughter having taken the meds if her accident was indeed as a direct result of this medication. Hope she's better soon. Jas
  2. I have thanks, and they say they don't have any funds available until April!
  3. Evening all! Thanks for all this info, makes for interesting reading. However, i'm still sat here, very cold and with no hot water! I followed some of the advice left by all you great people, such as contacting the contractor and asking them to re cost if possible, which they did on the 15th of Jan, they sent the info to Warmfront for repricing (as no one but Warmfront are aware of the exact cost of parts etc...The National Guard are still obviously guarding that secret very well!) i asked Warmfront how long this would take...the answer is 3 very cold and miserable weeks! I'm gobsmacked! It's only 7 lock shields to re cost, not reinventing the wheel for crying out loud! So after i was peeled down from the ceiling by my daughter i emailed Warmfront and asked for their complaints procedure...that was the 16th of Jan...an i'm still waiting for a response! I don't get it! I won't need the new boiler soon as i'll have died from hyperthermia!!!!! I've also been in touch with the council and asked if there is anything left in their "Energy" pot, sadly nothing but dustbunnies, but i'm welcome to them if they'd help keep me in hot water and heat! CAN SOMEONE OUT THERE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! All ideas would be gratefully received excluding the one my brother just threw in to the pot "Just offer to sleep with the chairman of Warmfront!", my brother definitely isn't einstein!! Thanks Jas
  4. Hi again, i have to log off shortly, if you'd feel more comfortable disclosing your area to me, you can do so in a private message to me. I won't be much use to you without you letting me know about the circumstances in which this fraud was committed and your story is slightly confusing regarding whose money was stolen, a childs or an adult? Let me know if i can help. Take care. If my advice helps, pls tip my scales. Thanks
  5. Hi petethemanc, regardless of if you work thru an agency or directly for BT, you have rights covered by your contract of employment, so you need to refer to that firstly. Secondly, do you or have you ever had a job description given to you by Hayes or BT? If my advice helps, pls tip my scales. Thanks
  6. Hi Sisternumber1, where abouts do you live in the uk? May be able to help?
  7. Thanks sidiboo, which part of the uk do you hale from? Just in case you're nearby and can give me the name of your installer, i'm from West Bromwich in B,ham.
  8. Thanks for telling me that, how long did they take to refer you to another contractor cos i just tried that and the lady told me if i did that then i'd have to wait for another 6 months!
  9. Well done! I'm so sorry you've gone through and she has the audacity to treat you in this way! I'm glad you can now begin to sort this out in a legal constructive way, and that will result in you concentrating on getting better. Keep in touch and take it easy!
  10. Thanks for the advice, it seems that i agree with you, however, as of yesterday, they will not disclose the costs. This is getting ridiculous as we have no heating or hot water and i have a 16 year old who's asthmatic! How the hell do i get this resolved????HELP!
  11. Keep a diary, once you've spoken to the contacts i mentioned earlier, compose a letter asking for her to put any further communication in writing, if she has any sense then she'll back off at that point as she'll realise that you sought professional advice. Chin up and look after your health, that is more important than anything.
  12. Thanks for responding so quickly. No Judi, nothing but the boiler replacement and the flushing of existing radiators and replaceing of the room thermostat. they're quoting £3420.47 for the above work.
  13. You're very welcome, i know how it feels to be bullied and by the way, she shouldn't be contacting you if you have submitted a sicknote, that is harrassment and victimisation, so she's skating on very thin ice....hope it cracks from under her! Good luck!
  14. Hi Your a mine of useful info! I'm having problems with warmfront as to why im being asked to contribute £407 towards the replacement of a boiler that costs £805 and the grant i was elidgable for was £2700 but they are saying that it will cost £3420.47, they're refusing to breakdown the cost for me and we seem to be at an impasse. Any advice please?
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