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  1. when i discovered that a certain rugby player who i have a bit of a thing for is back in the Tigers squad - welcome back, Harry I am slightly ashamed to say i danced round my mum's living room. Mum thought i had lost the plot!!
  2. what made me swear? my stepbrother-in-law who thinks it hilarious to wind me up on facebook unfortunately his comment backfired on him majorly hello again everyone - has been a while!
  3. Leona Lewis - Happy. I really should go to bed - I have an early coach in the morning!
  4. Oh my god!!! Im home!! Havent been here in ages. Nice to see the cheekiness is continuing. Im on a DMP now but I've had minimal problems with DCA's which Im extremely disppointed with! Everyone was well - NICE to me!! Im now doing battle with BCW for my mate. I think they're going to get a short,sharp shock when said mate gives them permission to talk to her 'advisor' about the fact the only documentation that has been provided was a forgery (thats another story) and that muppet on the phone the other day claimed that he had a true copy, signed in her handwriting (there isnt one - mate never signed one) in front of him and would send it out!!!
  5. I worked for Hillary's Blinds for a year at head office in Notts. Yes the customer service wasnt great but I dont think its terribly professional for a rival company to openly slate them on a public forum.
  6. I put the internet on at 11.30 to see on Sky homepage so I went straight to BBC news to see what the situation was... OH had Teletext on downstairs and we confirmed the two. RIP jacko - you may not have had it easy in life so I hope you rest in peace. xx
  7. I do like this one better... only problem is im singing it constantly.... and Im looking in OH's direction when Im singing it....
  8. I've got the same problem - I double-barrelled my name with my partner's, but I also use my old name for several accounts that are included in my DMP (a Littlewoods account and an old NatWest account) and I have 2 accounts with the Leeds Losers - Im reluctant to send them my deed poll for various reasons (one being it has my real signature on it ) so I;ve got 2 names on my CRA records which they wont put right!! I changed it by usage last year and officially this year but most of my defaulted accounts are in my new name, so quite often I have to think before giving my name to anyone as I often dont know which name I have used!!!
  9. This is absolute gold!!! Consider ur scales well and truly tickled... *waits patiently for reply*
  10. Hey everyone.. Just had to tell you this... managed to get the word 'threat-o-gram' into a phone call with the Leeds Losers... phone monkey was quite bemused!!! 1 to me methinks....
  11. *gets in queue and waits patiently*
  12. Hark! Is that the grinding wail of the CAGBot I hear??? *runs off before the cagbot gets me for insulting it*
  13. Thats brilliant Underground, thanks very much for your help on that one - you've just saved me a fiver!!!
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