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  1. I have finance with creation consumer finance ltd. I have made payment every month since taking out the finance, 5 months in i cancelled the direct debit as it was coming out late in the month, I wanted to change it to the 1st/2nd of the month. I cancelled the direct debit with my bank, phoned creation and made payment via credit card over the phone, also setting up a new direct debit in the process, this direct debit was not set up as requested though. I have been issued with a £25 administration charge because the account is in arrears, dated the 31st March 2009, upon receiving the letter I phoned creation made payment for the amount that should have come out via direct, as they agreed to remove the £25 admin charge. It has now become apparent that they took the money from my account included the charge which I did not agree to, is this legal? Also I have received a letter dated 01st April 2009 (1 day after the first letter) which states that my account is still in arrears, so they added another £25 admin charge! Surely this can't be legal? Unfortunately I cannot contact them today as they are shut. I did make contct with them yesterday and I was informed that the second letter was a mistake, but that does not wash with me! Who can I report them to if it is illegal what they have done? because I really hate companies like this! Thanks in advance, Ian
  2. i ignored every letter from esporta after cancelling mid-membership and nothing has happened. At the end of the day its just a gym membership, they lose nothing by you not paying
  3. Legal rights as a customer? 6 days ago I purchased a tumble drier from comet. I started to use it this weekend and it turns out to be faulty (clothes getting trapped between drum and loud scraping noises from the rear) I have been into the store, to exchange, like for like, but comet tell me that the drier needs to be seen by one of their engineers to ascertain the condition. Comet mechanics work between the hours of 8am to 6pm monday to friday, hours of which I am at work, making the only available appointment next saturday (weekend appointment). If the tumble drier is certified as faulty it will be an additional week until I receive a replacement tumble drier, due to work commitments during the week. Legally can I return the item to the store and swap like for like????? Upon visiting the store, the girl at the checkout stated that they do not accept large appliance returns in the store, due to a lack of test equipment, but whilst there I witnessed her access the serviceability of items such as ipod docking stations and kettles etc. Both of which she did not check the working operation with any test equipment??????? I am confused as she accepted returns without testing, but will not accept my tumble drier as its only 6 days old, when I only want a like for like exchange. I really do not want to wait 2 weeks for a replacement tumble drier as I am not at fault its ridiculous, plus it's difficult to dry clothes in this weather without having the heating on all day and night. I am an engineer and I do believe i've diagnosed a genuine fault, and have also follwed all instructions for installation and set up. Any help would be appreciated before i throw the faulty tumble drier through comet's window!!!!! Thanks in advance
  4. I have noticed on my esporta agreement that I hadn't ticked the boxes in the folowing section: " *I consent to receiving information by: email (tick box) text messaging (tick box) " Esporta have been texting me though, does anyone know where i stand legally on the matter, as they have clearly ignored there own terms and conditions. I haven't saved any of the text messages, but i'm sure i could get them to text again. I wouldn't normally be so petty, but I am in dispute with them about ending a contract early, and they have ignored my cancellation request and been generally rude over the phone. And as i've read on this forum and watchdog; esporta are no angels. Any info would be much appreciated
  5. I entered the navy as cp2, but was later diagnosed cp4 unfit for aircraft engineer duties. I was offered other branches but non technical (chef, writer, steward etc), due to the severity of my colour blindness. I can request my medical records quite easily. I left in june 2006. As yet I haven't made any complaints or pursued the matter as i've been too busy with uni, whilst also working nights. I'm basically trying to find out where to start.
  6. she understands the insurance policy, but if neither of the insured have made a claim, then how can they send a letter asking for £400 payment for damages to a vehicle. Especially 6 weeks with no prior corespondence (the car could easily have got damaged inbetween this time) I'm sure budget car rentals do not have the ability to make my mother liable for costs, if she hasn't admited liability, nor has a case been opened to examine both parties stories. Can they really jump the gun that quickly?
  7. budget car and van rentals are the company sending letters As far as i'm concerned my mums insurance company haven't been informed of the accident, could i just phone up the insurance provider and ask if they have received any claims against her? my mother didn't admit liability at the scene of the accident (she simply gave the other guy her insurance details), but the other driver had a witness, who i'm sure would state the contrary in order to get his mate out of any bother. If budget car and van rentals have the insurance details, why haven't they made a request to have her insurance pay for the repair costs.
  8. my mother recently drove into the back of a man driving a hire car. The impact was at low speed and their was no visable damage, agreed by the driver and my mother. Wisely the man took my mums insurance details, but her insurance company has been informed, she hasn't informed them either. 6 weeks later my mum received a letter, stating she was liable for £420 worth of damage to the said vehicle. They have been sending out letter after letter, final notice etc etc. They have also threatened passing the debt to an outside agency. Where does my mother stand legally in this case. Could the car hire company be fabricating the costs, or there is a possibility that that in the 6 week gap the vehicle sustained damage, at no fault of my mother. Any help would be much appreciated, also information on what to send as a reply letter as we are stuck on what action to take. Many thanks Ian
  9. I'm after some advice before I contact a solicitor. I joined the navy in 2003 as an aircraft engineer. My medical took place and my colour blindness problem was picked up by the surgery, but noted in my medical report as not being a problem in a role as an aircraft engineer. 3 years later my colour perception was queried by a colleague. My colour blindness was rexamined by a naval doctor, who deemed me to be unfit to carry out my role as an aircraft engineer. I have now left the navy and am studying at university, getting into lots of debt. As far as i can see, the nurse who conducted the colour blindness test on my pre-joining medical, acted imcompotently, and diagnosed my colour perception incorrectly, which subsequently lost me my job. Do I have grounds to sue the surgery for medical neglegance. I'm not after a quick money maker, i am really annoyed, that what was a 22 year career, has been cut short. I have wasted 3 years of my life and I will now be in debt from taking out student loans, as there aren't many jobs out there for colourblind aircraft engineers. Any info and advice/direction to a legal firm would be much apreciated. Cheers Ian
  10. i've got a similar problem. I wish to cancel my esporta contract after 3-4 months of using it. I now supposedly owe them £115 (2 months payment plus a £15 fee) I sent a cancellation letter which i assume was ignored or lost during the postal strikes, cancelled my direct debit and stopped attending the gym as i thought it had been cancelled. I cancelled due to financial difficulties, I am a full time university student, with my sole income my student loan, which covers my food and living costs. My rental costs increased and my gym membership was the first thing to get dropped, due to it being classed as a luxury in my eyes. I had a phone call from the gym, saying that if i don't pay i'll have debt collectors coming to my home. Arc have conatcted me today by phone for the first time and a letter is in the post. I've seen a lot of info about bad sales tactics, by getting the customer to sign the agreement at all costs, whilst not mentioning that it is a credit agreement. When i joined i told the sales person that i had previously used gyms, as i'd just come out the forces, for this reason he asked if i wanted a full introduction and tour etc, to which i replied no, and signed some kind of decleration to stop me sueing if i injure myself, i guess? Does this affect my contract and make it less legal. I've heard about moving house to an area where they have no gym, in order to cancel the agreement, but i don't know how well this works?
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