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  1. Hi - the court date is schedule for September but I think they want to resolve it before then. I know they've offered my MIL a figure of £200'ish (for the same issue on a cooker she'd purchased). Can I ask what the issue is around? Maybe we can possibly help each other out - I know they don't have a leg to stand on as retailers! Especially when I know of 2 range cookers with exactly the same fault!! PM me if you wish Cheers
  2. Should I send a copy of the letter to Kerry Delaney also? I've found an address for her from the net: NEW HOUSE FARM CROSS ROADS WESTON UNDER LIZARD SHIFNAL SHROPSHIRE UNITED KINGDOM TF11 8JH
  3. I did have a qualified repair technician in but the difficulty with this is that the manufacturer has gone bust! These cookers do appear to have a known issue as my parents-in-law have the exact same one and their middle ring has also stopped working. Unless somebody can find me a compatible selector switch it's pretty much unrepairable I think - you can 'bodge' it but as its an electrical product and I have 2 young kids I don't want to take that chance. I'll go with the above and make the amendment you suggested on the date of receipt cheers mate
  4. Cheers for that silverfox - to be honest as it's been floating around for a while I'd rather just follow up with an LBA and then progress to court stage. Wife is moaning at me due to not being able to bake in the oven!! I just need a suitable LBA now
  5. Hi - no emails sent/received. They are a local business so mainly all over the phone. It was paid for on a Visa debit card. Trawled some threads but still struggling to find a SOGA LBA ... will keep looking dx100uk - tried most avenues of contact but not that one - not sure who the CEO is or how to get a hold of him.
  6. Thanks for your help I've not found any type of twitter feed etc aside from a Fecebook page where I've posted a simple "please be wary of purchasing from Interia. Currently trying to claim money back under Sale of Goods Act" I have found a template for a 'Letter before Action' but it's geared more towards bank etc. Is there a template in existence for Moneyclaims? Thanks again Jai
  7. Sorry...... do you think I should press ahead with the Moneyclaim? Any 'technical' terms I need to include in there as I've never done one before. I guess beyond this, if they contest it, I'll need to furnish the relevant legal stuff to the judge as in my experience (in parking cases) they are not very clued up on everything. Retailer is: Interia Products Limited Potters Lane Wednesbury WS10 7LH
  8. Hi, purchased a Range cooker (gas + electric) in June 2012. After about 9 months the central ring started playing up and they sent out an engineer a few times as it would start working and then stop again. After about 15 months the oven/grill selector switch burned out. We purchased the item for £500 and the retailers answer was pretty much what can you expect for £500? I believe that there is some element of the Sale of Goods that says items must last a 'reasonable amount of time' in accordance to the price paid. I'd deem something for £500 to last more than 15 months! I sent the below after doing some research on the internet: Letter was sent recorded post a few weeks ago so the time for them to act has elapsed. My question is - can I proceed with a Moneyclaim online for the amount or is there something else I can do? Quite happy to do the former by paying the fees etc. Thanks for your help all
  9. It ended in February of this year and since then we've not had another agreement from the LL
  10. The landlord cannot claim they didn't know as I have text conversations, it also clearly states on the tenancy agreement that our deposit will be lodged in a government approved scheme etc. They've not shown willingness as I've had to threaten them today to get this far and their bounced cheques, eviction orders (for the mortgagee because she was behind on her payments etc) doesn't show any willing but basically shows them buying time. I know the landlady is going thru a divorce and is trying to milk her ex hisband as he's been to see me and let me know what's going on. To that effect I know that she has been squandering 'our' rent money on frivolous shops etc and although that's none of my business I feel annoyed with how little consideration she's shown and just how many lies she's told us!
  11. Thanks Ben Reeve Lewis - even if my deposit was returned this morning would I still be able to claim as the deposit wasn't protected? (once confirmation received from DPS, TDS and MyDeposits?
  12. Further update: The original deposit of £500 has been paid back 30 mins ago. The landlady has caused us severe issues and stress (pregnant wife etc) and I don't want to let her off lightly. Can I still claim 3 x deposit under the relevant section of the act governing the TDS?
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