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  1. Oh its deffo unenforceable, have known this for years, plus its got gap insurance which was never ever required so a bit of missselling too! Today's post brought another letter from them with a reduced settlement offer, hahahaha
  2. Received this morning re Welcome. Letter from Mack Hall, usual stuff must set up ayment agreement within 7 days or court action will be instigated, wish they would just bloody well get on with it!
  3. subbing, I just ignore them, must of had 20 + letters by now!
  4. Told them I would be asking for charges, etc, 20 mins later had call from manager, who said would withdraw proceedings as I had paid in full. Thanks everyone x
  5. Thanks Tingy, Have just paid via billpay which I normally use, they told me point blank if I did that they would still persue the court case for the £65 costs, my dispute is their letter stated to be paid by 24th, and yet they issue court papers. Will be sending off court papers disputing it but wondered if any one could help with those/suggest what to write, almost feel like paying it but its the principal of it.
  6. Hi all, wonder if anyone can offer some advice? please:-) I have received court papers from Anglian Water, last month I received a default letter saying I had to make payment by 24th Nov, then I have now received these papers. I have just had a heated conversation with them in which I said they couldn't send me letter giving date to pay by then just issue court procedings, they say they can? Rang them to pay in full however they refuse to accept payment unless I pay the court costs which have added £65 to the bill. what should I do, surely thiscan not be right? advice most welcome, thank you
  7. Just thought I would let you all know that in my case with HCEO I paid the creditor direct, this week and included payment for the LEGAL fees HCEO were entitled, despite their demands for £700! Yesterday I received a letter from them stating I was quite right in the fact they were not entitled to the near £700 as no levy was made. A clear example that no one should be bullied by these people. Would be gratefull if anyone could advise who I should pass copies of the letter demanding excess fees and letter admitting they were not entitled to them.
  8. My thoughts exactly, will contact them again, tell them this and tell them to sod off! thank you
  9. A year on and after telling the young girl to send me a copy of document signed to say i would be liable and hearing no more, I now have another for 2nd daughter, only this time she is not giving up! 3 letters, 3 phone calls, and some of those phone text messages. Also they are writing to said daughter after I told them its her debt not mine so my question is; How old do you legally need to be for a debt collector to chase you? do you have to be 18? thanks
  10. ours still show welcome but have special instruction added stateing debt assigned, not being updated just an 8
  11. Hey there, during telephone call to them the young boy on phone admitted they were new company set up to deal with welcome accounts-in other words welcome under newname almost!
  12. Thanks for response, welcome have already done the extending thing, they marked account defaulted asof 2010 but in actual fact we have default notice from 2006. Now file has changed there is no default date marked at all.
  13. Hi all, welcome account passed to MKDP, just noticed credit file has been marked satisfied, however where default date was listed it now says debt assigned. How does this stand in terms of it falling off credit file? now there is no 6 year date! Anyone know? Thanks
  14. Sorry forgot to say on your question about removing CCJ. I have in the past hada few removed, but only by appealing to the better nature of the company, saying had problems then etc n want to start afresh, had a few who kindly wrote the accounts were settled within month of judgement which enables removal, if you can grovel and get letter saying the same you can have it removed.
  15. I don't think it being marked satsfied makes a hoot of difference when applying for credit, ( which you dont want anyway), but am unsure regarding getting bank account etc, we got a high street mortage with 2 CCJ'S (was a while back though) but needed to provide the letters of satisfaction in order to do so. Settling partially wont I dont think provide you with anything but I may be wrong, after all in order for it to be changed you need to apply to the courts however if the company wrote a letter saying satisfied in full then it would be marked as such, otherwise Im not sure it would be marked as anything,perhaps someone knows more than me. I personally would pay CCJ' s just to the nature of what they are.
  16. Hi there, Hmmmm Anglian water are not a great company! you can set up an online account at www.billpayment.co.uk to make as much or as little as you want, I use this and I think its a good way of doing it, if you ever need to prove your payments to court etc you can just print it off rather than trawling through bank statements. Write to them and tell them £4 is all you can manage and you will be making that from now on and should they take it further you will enlighten the courts you are not refusing to pay.
  17. Interesting info, I have actually paid the charging order off so wont apply to me but am sure it will be helpfull to others.
  18. The charging order was granted 5 weeks after CCJ, they applied instantly.
  19. This is no longer the case. You do not have to default on a CCJ for them to obtain a Charging order, we had one granted 5 weeks after the CCJ.
  20. I get your point, but also everyone elses. They may well get fed up and stop chasing the debt however they most likely wont remove any data pertaining to it and as you are making payments it gives a longer window for them to pass it on etc. However your happy doing it and you must do what you feel right, so best of luck with it.
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