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  1. On Saturday night next door but one had a party for their 15yr old girl and as usual by 10pm underage drunken kids spilled into the street shouting ect, one particular boy obviously having a row with his girlfriend kicked the wing of my car and punched the quarter panel causing a large dent in the wing and a fist indentation on the quarter,being dark,I came out of my house But couldn't see the damage as it was dark but of course see it Sunday morning,I then knocked at the house where the party was and asked for the boys name,the girls mother got quite irate telling me it was gate crashers &
  2. Thanks for the replys, i'll just ignore these now then
  3. Hi On Sept 11th i recieved a letter from Transcom Worldwide Ltd claiming i owed a debt of £284.93 and they were collecting on behalf of Arrow Global Guernsey, i sent the letter stating i have no knowledge of any such debt being owed and have today received a reply stating Dear sir/madam we write in reference to your most recent correspondence of which your concerns have been noted please note our clients Arrow Global Guernsey Ltd purchased this debt from Kays and now legally owns all rights to to seek recovery of this debt and we are legitmately instructed to act on t
  4. thanks i will do that also it must of been my 17yr old sons friend that picked the card up;)
  5. thanks odc the card was not in an envelope and was indeed picked up and read by my 17 yr old son, so who should i report him to and should i contact him to tell him i will be reporting him?
  6. hi everyone, right i sent the letter above to phoenix back in january and never heard anymore from them until today when i found a little card in my door from scotcall to say they had called and to let them know if i am going to pay!! or they will return my papers "refused to pay"?? and will have to face legal action. theres no address on the card only a local phone number the card looks like a homemade job, so at the moment i,m fighting my instincts to phone him and tell him to get lost but would it be best to ignore it as i cant write or send a letter as i have no address for mr akehurst!!!
  7. hi first post so here goes i recieved a letter from phoenix saying that i owed £284 but no details of who or what the debt was, so i phoned and they said it was a catalogue debt from 2001 i said i had no knowledge of any debt to a catalogue company and refuted the debt they told me i should ring kays and speak to them which i didnt, i have now recieved a 2nd letter saying they are preparing legal papers but if i phone them they will offer me a substantial discount?? but surely they must have some record of an alleged debt what would be my best course of action apart from telling them to sh
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