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  1. HA! Well, congratulations on being the first to respond exactly as I thought some might. Obviously another one with poor critical thinking abilities. No-one so far has actually addressed the points in my OP, so well done. I am unsure how you can draw the conclusion that I am 'trying to control the situation from 6,000 miles away' on the basis of me twice making a remark about some slight forward planning by making a rough inventory and getting info on a funeral plan. The first time (well before the present PoA) was deliberately in front of his wife in case he blew his
  2. That's a shame. I had thought probably not, but it was worth a shot. I am sure I will find something somewhere. I'm aware of the paperwork surrounding PoA. My mother signed one 25 years ago in 1992, as I said in my OP, and my brother has been helping her since then. Now that she can no longer sign cheques (due to bad trembling, not true mental incapacity) and has some confusion due to forgetfulness, she has asked that the PoA be activated. I have had the required letter with form EP1PG stating that this is being done, and also saying that letters being sent to my eldest son a
  3. As I posted. I am not sure if this site is the best place for this sort of thing, but I am hoping to find out more about this so as to try to negate what I strongly suspect will be a contentious time when my mother dies. I live abroad and visited my mother in the UK when she turned 99 last month, as I have done for the last 9 or 10 years. She was pretty healthy last year but has begun to show her great age this year. Although still fairly compos mentis, she has become quite deaf and started to become more forgetful and confused. She can still get about somewhat but is now also very sl
  4. SUCCESS! Posters elsewhere were right all along and I have now had the court email me as follows - note that they will accept a scanned copy of the SD but I will still post it to them by normal mail. My appointment at the Embassy isn't until 22nd July (my mum's 97th birthday too), but because they'll allow a scanned copy, I'll be within the time limit of 21 days which expires on 29 July. I'll re-write the draft and put it up here if anyone would care to comment. I assume it will be better to use my UK address, so as not to confuse things, or should I use both Thai and UK addresses? I
  5. Thanks for that, but seeing other posters comments, I have removed point g) because in hindsight I think it's a bit antagonistic and I want this out of my life, not made worse! I can tell them the basics, that I entered Thailand last August 4th, was married on 30th January this year and am staying here whilst looking into a settlement visa for the UK for my wife, so that we can return permanently, but this is a protracted process and things happen slowly here. Also, I have to be very careful with the DVLA because they may well say I am non-resident and grab my licence ... Edit
  6. Someone over here suggested I removed item g) from my draft SD - fair enough. It probably wouldn't go down too well!
  7. Ah, didn't think about private schools - and Unis wil be off by now too. I forget about school hols in the UK because here, schools start in Mid-May and go all the way through until the end of September, no breaks. Then they have October off and start again in November, straight through again without breaks until late Feb. It's a horrendous schedule AND they start at 7.30 am too! However, there are a LOT of days off - about 18 public and religious days off. Lots of Buddhist days, Thai new year in April for 3 days, and normal New Year another 2 or 3 days. King's birthday, Queen's bi
  8. Thanks for that - good point. I hadn't thought to see if I could pay the original fixed penalty online. I'll call the police fixed penalty unit and see what they say. However, I think they'll just say 'it's with the court and not our job any more' ... And I don't really want to rock the boat, so I think best I keep quiet until they get back to me. I thought schools didn't break up until the end of the month?
  9. Many thanks for the information - sorry for the delay in thanks people. I've been busy trying to sort this thing out. Still no word from the court, despite 3 emails. I was told rather testily by a clerk that the case was 'with legal' who were making 'further enquiries'. I asked with whom and was told the police - probably ticking them off for not checking for any change of address with the DVLA before just bunging the case at the court and costing them a fortune in trace fees. I was just told to wait and they would 'get back' to me - but when? Some good news. The court are wrong
  10. Hi all I could do with some advice on something a bit complex. I live in Thailand and have done since 1 Nov 2004, and only return to the UK for occasional family visits. I did so last year without my wife, due to a family crisis with one of my children - no time to get a visa for my wife. When I left the UK, I initially had all my driving, bank and insurance details transferred to my brother's address. However, after a serious fall-out with him, I transferred them all to the friend (G) of another friend (B) - we stayed with G and as we were then thinking of moving back to the UK,
  11. This may help some people - http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/sara-de-tute/18/697/471 http://www.bcllegal.com/the-brief/a-day-in-the-life-of/the-brief-a-day-in-the-life-of-sara-de-tute-%E2%80%93-legal-compliance-director-at-lowell-group Or just sort them out for yourselves - https://www.google.com/search?q=sara+de+Tute
  12. As you say. Nothing was ever made clear to me, but now it is after I called the Trustees.
  13. Right, thanks all - problem solved. My brother's widow emailed yesterday to say they should be paying out in 1-2 weeks. I live in Thailand, but will be in the UK from 15/7 to 5/8, so she suggested I call the Trustees to provide them with a UK address, which I have done. I asked the chap if it was possible to have a copy of the will or was it a trust, which would be confidential. He informed me that it was a confidential trust, and no copies would be given out, nor any copies of the Letter of Wishes. So that's that - I've learnt something and so, I hope, have others.
  14. Ha! You've never met her, but I've known her 45 years - believe me, she'd hit the roof ...
  15. I think you are probably right! But you don't know my dysfunctional family!
  16. Because I have been asked by the widow not to contact the trustees or do anything that would incur further expenses for her. I think that is the ostensible reason, but I also think that the REAL reason is to maintain the secrecy surrounding the trust. He'd become very paranoid and quite disturbed in the years before he died. As she appears to have total control of the monies, I think if the Trustees informed her that I'd asked for a copy, she'd hit the roof and perhaps modify the amount I may get.
  17. Eh? What dos that all mean? In English please ...! I'm not starting the aggro, just responding as I feel is proper and fit. Maybe I'm wrong, but I will not be denied what is supposed to be mine. Bloody hell, all I've done is made a request for a copy of any extant will. What's wrong in that ...? And as I've already said, it seems to be a private Jersey-based trust which is completely opaque, so why should I not eliminate the possibilities?
  18. That's exactly what I've done - followed the instructions in the web page mentioned and sent off to the Leeds Registry. I'm in the UK in 2 weeks, and expect to be in London for a few days at some stage - I know the Central Registry at First Avenue House intimately after a prolonged battle over one of my children ... They were useless on that score.
  19. Many thanks all. See my post number 10, where I say that I have already sent off the appropriate form to the Leeds probate Registry. However, I see a problem. My sister in law is the executrix and was obviously told to play things close to her chest. He was always very secretive about money.It seems he set up a Trust in Jersey, which do not have to account for themselves, and in fact he left a Letter of Wishes, which Google says that basically he can make any number of letters about disposition of the Trust, one for each beneficiary if he wants. Often they are used to tell the Executo
  20. Thanks, I've sent off to the Probate office in Leeds to see if a copy has been lodged since his death in February. So, how do I look a will up on-line?
  21. I'm NOT 'not making a move' - I've done all I've been asked to do. I'm waiting SOMEONE, somewhere, to make a move by supplying me with either 1) a copy of the will and/or 2) any monies due + a copy of the will. I agree that no-one is telling me much, and that concerns me. My half-brother was very secretive about money, and I suspect he left instructions not to provide copies of his will, but of course I and my children are legally entitled to a copy. I'm also concerned that his widow has not offered to provide a copy, and specifically asked me NOT to contact the Trustees or do anything w
  22. I'm not really sure - it's all very secretive. I was just told I was receiving a bequest and where to send my confirmation of ID - to Osiris Trustees in Jersey. I've hear nothing more, other then sis in law emailed to say the Trustees had received my paperwork and she hoped they would 'dispense soon'.
  23. Thanks for moving wherever was appropriate - I wasn't sure where to post. ;-)
  24. Hi I am a beneficiary to my older half-brother's will, as are my children, and my full younger brother. He lived in Spain, but all personal beneficiary details had to be sent to a Trustee in Jersey. Now all I have had is a few emails from his widow telling me I'm a beneficiary and to send various documents to the Trustees in Jersey. I don't know if the will was made in the UK, Spain or Jersey, but I suspect the UK. My kids and I are obviously interested to know what we may be getting, and I understand that a beneficiary is entitled to copy of any will they bene
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