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  1. Thanks. But are there actually any cases where people have got these removed based on the letter templates here. I don't see one success. I need motivation
  2. Nicklea you are spot on with this. I am in a situation with the evils of Shop Direct. There is a settled default I discovered from a few years back, no CCA, no paperwork at all. I have been through all the steps and gone back and fourth for months. Finally they said they would not remove the default or stop processing information. The letter was basically saying "and what are you going to do about it?" That was the bottom line. I could write 500 letters to Shop Direct and they would still call my bluff. I bet they have a right laugh reading these forums.. seeing the latest ploy we all come up with in a desperate attempt to get whats right. I see so many theories on this forum, so much advice and only a tiny select few actually getting what they want. Most of those who do get their own way is down to the fact the company in question has a vested interest in helping. I don't mean to sound defeatest but these companies are not going to give up. Im not prepared to go to court, although I wish someone would. People reply and get the same response back, just in different words. Has anyone on this thread been succesful at all?
  3. Finally received a letter back saying the old chestnut that they would not remove the default as despite the fact they do not have a single piece of paperwork relating to my account I willingly took part in the purchase and therefore they have every right to process the data. If I am unhappy with that decision to contact the Ombudsman. That seems pretty pointless. Anyway I decided then to close down my other account with them and my sister did the same. I will just have to see it as lessens learnt. One thing though that annoys me, with the second account I have when I arranged it I made it perfectly clear I did not want a credit account. I actually said I just wanted to pay straight away. The woman agreed and just sent me a catalogue. I did not sign anything, hear a recording about credit agreements or anything. It wasnt until over a year later I happened to look at my credit file and saw that they had opened a credit account with £900 spending limit.
  4. I wish I had some good news for you but I'm in a similar position to you with Kays (Shop Direct) Mine was all paid up many moons ago but they refuse to remove. No CCA, no notification. My discussion with them has gone on for 4 months or so. They sent a letter last week saying they had no intention of removing the default as when I accepted the goods I was bought into their process and didnt have a leg to stand on. They ended up saying if I wasnt happy to contact th Ombudsman,
  5. I was reading through the data protection act Data Protection Act 1998 (c. 29) I'm not really clear if this means they can process data without the CCA. I will write a letter today saying they can't
  6. LOL thats great. Sorry they did actually send me one of their latest CCA's as an example. But thats nothing to me, it was 6 years ago that the account was opened. It amazes me that these catalogues can charge you £12.00 for a late payment. Even by one day. So the costs just add up and up. Mine is all paid up but I wish there was some action group disputing this. Then I could also question the default based on unfair charges. Btw i I did pay the £10.00 what kind of paperwork would I receive back?
  7. Thanks BB. I have a letter I received yesterday stating they don't have a CCA and then just outlined the history of the account and that was it. I fully appreciate that I spent the money, if it had all been done properly I would do what I normally do and setup a direct debit. So I understand my part in it. Maybe I am a credit junkie - I just think outside of this there is something wrong with the system if you can get credit that easily when you specifically don't want it. But hey ho. Nobody forced me. But its for such a small amount it really irks that a horrible sweatshirt that I was late paying for now means I can't get a mortgage for another 3 years.
  8. Thanks Part of my issue is that I didnrt request a credit account with them, infact I requested not to have one and that I wanted to pay it off in one go. I made that really clear to them and then it turned out there was £900 credit. Stupidly I thought ok cool and went ahead and purchsed something using the credit option. I don't owe them a penny now but they lodged a default from 2006. Im just trying to establish if I have any rights not signing a CCA as I understood this gave them permission to pass on my info to 3rd parties.
  9. Its a catalogue account. Why would different laws apply?
  10. I am really confused around the legalaties of a non signed CCA and your data passed onto a Credit Reference Agency. If an account was opened in 2002, no CCA involved, can your data legally be passed onto a CRA?
  11. Thanks for the replies. The account was set up over the phone in 2003 and I don't recall returning the CCA. I have asked them to remove the default but they said no but I do have another an active account with them, which is all up to date and no issues at all. I will close this if they don't remove it, not that they will care but the default was for such a small amount that its ridiculous this is stopping me getting a mortgage. I believe they do have to provide me with the CCA despite it being settled.
  12. Hi, I started a catalogue agreement with Kays in 2003, didnt sign a CCA and defaulted in 2005 and paid it all up a month later. I believe the law has now changed regarding this in 2004 where a signtaure was not required. But as I started this is 2003, does that make a difference. I have requested the CCA and sent in my £1.00 for the paperwork. But I really want this default removed from my file. Do I have any rights whatsoever in this matter?
  13. Thanks. Its good to know there are some successful cases. I am attemping one with shop direct but I don't hold out much hope. I have been looking for a good example to see the process but so far have come up with very little.
  14. I have been looking around the web for succesful cases where people have managed to get a default removed in kind or due to a lack of a cca. Shop Direct - Littlewoods for example in many cases do not have a signed CCA but are under no obligation to remove a default on a credit file. Has anyone heard of a succesful case?
  15. Hi, I defaulted with Orange in 2005, after a large bill due to overseas use. This was before they were told they had to reduce their call rate for overseas. Anyway my fault entirely. But then I became seriously ill and with the stress I didnt really manage my bills correctly. I wanted to request that the default is removed from the credit agencies in kind but I have read other posts where Orange are reluctant to do this and well in their rights. The bill was all settled weeks after the default. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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