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  1. Hi All, story is as follows. Long disputed debt with Orange for a mobile phone which I think one of my flatmates set up for her in my name (She used to work for Orange at the time) Debt has been disputed for a long time and was passed to Close Credit, I sent them a CCA letter asking for the orignal credit agreement and I received a reponse advising that it was not governed by the CCA1974 act so no documents provided. I then issued a SAR to Orange and copied in Close Credit Managment but never received a reply and this was in October 2011. I never heard anything from them at all since then until I received a letter from the courts advising a CCJ has been put against me, I never received any letters about this from the solicitor or courts until the CCJ has been issued, if I did receive it then I would of filled a defence, CCJ was issued about 3 weeks now. As I still dispute this debt and no documents have been sent to me to prove that this debt was mine as I think it is fraud then what can I do now, how do I go about contesting this CCJ?
  2. Can anyone help me regarding this agreement- is it enforceable??
  3. sorry i should of said that this is the only thing that I have received is above, i have not had the terms and conditions, are they required to send me them as well when I CCA'd them. thanks
  4. Hi All, I need some more help please with another creditor, I have CCA's them twive and both times received back this credit agreement with the T&c's, is this enforceable and what should i do next Any comments would be appreciated!
  5. thanks for the reply. The account was already with triton and i cca'd them (they passed it to natwest for docs and answers etc) so in theory this deby hasnt been passed onto them. Does this make the letter above unnesecarry? I am anxious to just resolve this at the moment as need to clear up my old debts as this may stop me from applying for a new job (it is within financial services you see and the new employer would take a dim view on these!) What sort of settlement figure should i offer as full and final, is 50% normally acceptable to them?
  6. Hi All, I have too received a letter from Triton today advising what Natwest have said, is there any next steps i should take?? I am thinking off offering them a full and final settlement figure as I really want to get this sorted asap. Are they likely to accept a 50% settlement figure or not?? Any help or anyone in the same position with Natwest/Triton who can give me some guidance would be appreciated.
  7. Hi All, after sending Natwest the letter that "having a nightmare" provided above, I have got the follwoing response from them today. What should I do next with this as they seem to think they have provide the correct CCA???
  8. Thanks for all your help "Having a Nightmare" on this. I will amend the letter to suit my case etc and send this tmr. Should I also point out the differences in what they have sent me ie. APR on agreement/T&C are different, On the signed doc it says Page 2 in the top right and hasnt got a page number on the first one and also the ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT ON BOTH PAGES OF THE AGREEMENT???
  9. They have sent me on a seperate document the T&C which they say was at the time it was taken out but this isnt dated as well, I have scanned on all docs which they sent me to see if this makes any differences on whether they have comlied fully with my CCA request. Do you know what my next steps should be, what should I put in my ltr to them when i challange it??
  10. The lasy page is also a computer prinout Natwest have stated to me on the telephone when I queried that this document looks like to the first page. On the agreement page in the top right hand corner it says page 2 but on the other document it doenst say page 1 either. Should there be a date on the original agreement at the start of the document (page 1). Just so that I can be clear have NW possibly just copied my details onto a new agreement and are trying to say this is the original one. Thanks for all you help!!
  11. Do you think these are enforcable, I think they may be but would like a 2nd opinion, this came along with the full T&C's seperate also
  12. I want to double check this is enforceable, what program am i best using to get the scans on here, does anyone have a link where i can download the programme??
  13. Just got one of them stupid texts off them asking me to contact them urgently. When I called them out of intrest I said to the girl "So you have accepted £500 as a F&F settlement figure then!!" The poor girl didnt know what to say and apologised saying I received it in error as she could see Natwest have called them today re this. I think I am going to settle now to get it out of the way with now while I have the money and then try to reclaim my charges back as Natwest confirmed just now that they are treated seperatly ( I asked them to put this in writing of course!!!) Thanks for your help
  14. The charges amount to around £100 so it is not much, approx 3 years!! so probably inc intrest will be £125.97 (using 8% compound intrest) as a claim figure. Amount Owed: £800 F&F Settlement: £670 This is worringly like my bill and they have then knocked off my charges and offered this as F&F. I just wanted to double check that I can take the F&F and then claim them for the charges so I will then get an extra £130 knocked off in essence so I would of only paid £540 if you get my drift!! Has anyone else done a F&F settlement and then claimed against charges when you have been given a reduced settlement( can/would the banks use this against you??)
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