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  1. Thanks tonycee. I try to rephrase my reply. Regards
  2. Hi tonycee Can you show me an example of being ruthless? I sorry but I don't know how to word my reply to sound ruthless. Regards
  3. Hi Tonycee Thank you for your quick response. Do you think I should ask for the S.A.R in this letter or send another letter requesting them? I do appreciate your advice regarding being "nice". It is much better than what I really want to say to them though Regards
  4. Could I ask someone to read through this letter that i have composed in reply to their letter please. I would appreciate your comments and advice: Thank you for your reply dated 24 January 2008. I am disappointed but not wholly surprised at your response to my claim. I would like to reiterate the points I made regarding the selling of this loan protection plan to me. At the time it was taken out I was Unemployed and in receipt of Incapacity Benefit which was paid into the above account, this is proof in itself that I was unemployed. This rendered the loan protection plan as worthl
  5. Hi all Well I sent my letter off to Lloyds at the beginning of the month and have just received a reply. Unsurprisingly they think that forcing unemployed people to take out a PPI is OK. Alright they never twisted my arm behind my back and forced me to sign but they did insist I took it out or there would be no loan, even though it was worthless. Because I had signed the Acknowledgement of Purchase form then it was my own fault for not reading the small print. I am about to send off my reply and await their final response. I will keep you up to date. Regards
  6. Thank you Alan. I did come across them but thought they were just for calculating bank charges. Regards
  7. Hi again Can anyone tell me where I can find the spreadsheet to calculate my interest payments on my PPI. Thanks in advanced. PS My new bank, Nat West, received a visit from me today. Over the Christmas period there was a bit of confusion. One direct debit was asking for payment 2 days early whilst my benefit payment was a day late. I had £90 in my account, £41 went on the car insurance, £12 on other insurance and a payment for £13 went out. This left a total £24 in the account. On the same day Sky's dd appeared for £50 (2 days earlier than usual). Nat West declined to pay it, then took
  8. Hi Alan Thank you for your prompt reply. I have taken a look at the template letters and think I will use the first one. Once I have compiled my letter I will post it here. Regards
  9. Hello everyone This is my first post here. I have read avidly the posts in this section as I am planning on trying to get some justice. About 3 years ago I had finished paying a loan off with Lloyds TSB when they contacted me asking if I would like another loan. I was in debt with credit cards so I thought it might be a good idea to take out enough to clear the cards. However I was also on receipt of Incapacity benefit due to long standing condition. The manager said that this wasn't a problem but the underwriters insist that you take out a PPI as cover. When I said that it would
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