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  1. Hi Silverfox, I shall have a look at the T's & C's this week. I shall try and hunt them down online and see what it states. Thanks
  2. Hi Me_Too, Sorry about the late reply. I firmly believe this is mis-selling by BT but they don't appear to be interested in what we have to say. As soon as my contract ends (if I can't get out of it prior) I shall be cancelling and moving to another company that is half the price and just as reliable!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been a BT customer for the past couple of years. My Phone/Broadband contract was coming up for renewal so as you do you have a shop about. I found a cheaper deal with Plusnet which I was happy to go with. I phoned BT for my PAC code and a nice lady then started to try and talk me out of leaving. She offered a discount on my current monthly bill (I had to sign up for another 12 months), free caller display for 12 months and the full BT Sports free for 12 months (inc ESPN). Great I'll stay with you for another 12 months then! A month into my new contract I check my bill only to find I had been charged for my caller display. I phoned BT and they apologised and said no further charges would apply (Yet to see if I'll get the money I paid credited to my account). I then get an email saying that a new channel is being released and I am going to get charged an extra £5 a month to receive that, BT Sports 2 and ESPN! One of the reasons I signed up was for the full BT Sports package for free for 12 months. Now a month in they are going to give me 1 channel instead of the 3 I was supposed to get. I contacted BT and the guy on the phone told me that at the time of me signing back up it was true that I'd get all the BT Sports channels but now theres been a change and I can either cancel or pay £5 a month. If I'd have known that this was going to be the case I'd have went with Plusnet when I wanted too as it worked out a hell of a lot cheaper for the same products (minus BT Sports 1 which as of August is the only channel I'll get)! An apology from the guy on the phone but basically I was tied into the contract. I feel like I've been tied into a contract in which I haven't signed up to. No doubt they will say its in the T's and C's (and maybe I should have taken more notice of them when reading through them).
  4. Brilliant advice ericsbrother. I am going to speak to the other 2 lads who had the claims cancelled and we will all go to the Whitehaven News and give our story. I'll post a link once it goes live
  5. Yep a defence was put in. I gave the missus the good news when she got back off her placement and she was chuffed to bits. I then said we were going to go for costs against WHC as a lot of time and effort had gone into all of this. She said not to do it. She just wanted it over and done with. The thing is it never cost her a penny but why should they get away with causing distress to my partner. The time I've taken to research and write to them. To defend the claim. To take pictures in their car parks. Postage costs. I have a friend willing to sort a letter out for a claim so I shall be back once we have sorted that.
  6. I fully agree. 3 of us got the cancellation letters today. Celia had a busy Friday
  7. True, I do have better things to do but I quite enjoyed seeing what they were coming up with just to fire them back down. I couldn't have done it with out you lot though
  8. We are looking into going to the Whitehaven News regarding this (us and my friend who also received the notice of discontinuance). Especially since this was published not long ago http://www.whitehavennews.co.uk/news/we-ll-pursue-unpaid-car-parking-fines-1.1093482
  9. Well I've just got home and we've got the same 'Notice of discontinuance' through the post. We've beat them without going anywhere near a court room. Thank you to everyone who helped us out over the past few weeks, it really has been appreciated
  10. Morning all, Just had some good news regarding Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners. A friend of mine was going through the same rigmarole as we are and he had his court date coming up next week (we've just recieved ours for February next year). He opens his post this morning and received an early Christmas present from Celia at Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners http://goo.gl/7xShnL Why would they do this if they had the rights to claim all the money?? Oh yeah because they know its a con and are now backing down to the people who stand their ground! EDIT I have the Byelaws!!! http://goo.gl/0oPSMj For some reason I thought this was going to a bit more up to date. The following is the response I recieved via email: As per your request, please find attached our byelaws currently held by the Secretary of State for Transport. We are currently re-drafting our byelaws and will be seeking stakeholders' comments during 2014. Yours sincerely Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners
  11. Morning people, I'm not sure how they are going to use the balance of probabilities as it was a Saturday and both of us were in the car. We are both insured to drive and both do drive the car. To me that balance is a 50/50 split haha. Yes their paperwork is completely non compliant with the PoFA and I have all copies of the paper work sitting in a draw ready to hand a judge to back up that claim. The signage is still showing penalty and I may go and get more pictures today (you can never have too much ammo). They continue to withhold their Byelaws and their breakdown of charges. I personally can't see this getting as far as the court room (I think they will cancel the claim due to all of the above) and to be fair I would be quite gutted if it was cancelled. I'm looking forwardto arguing the case as I've spend quite a lot of time getting to grips with the PoFA and investigating flaws in their paperwork and procedures. I've also enjoyed this thread as the kindness and information from the CAG family is second to none.
  12. Everything I've requested via email (including the appeal that they ignored) is stored in a folder online for future reference
  13. Good morning all, The story so far. Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners have said that they won't give us the Byelaws as they as due to change in a few months! I got in touch with the records office (Whitehaven) and they said they didn't hold them but I should be able to request them without problem from WHC under the FOIA. I'm going to contact WHC again today requesting the Byelaws under the FOIA and see what they say today. I've been round to the car park in question and one of the wall signs has had the word penalty removed. The other 2 signs still have penalty written all over them. I've written to the court (and CC'ed WHC) with all the info and brilliant advice I've received from here. I've said they are non compliant with the PoFA and highlighted numerous times where they have quoted penalty. I shall follow it up with any findings I get with the byelaws (I wanted to get something in now as I'm getting nowhere with getting the byelaws at the minute). Well that's where I'm up to people. Thank you all again for the brilliant advice and understanding you have given me. I'll post back once I find anything else out. Have a great weekend
  14. Thanks topcat, I never knew that. I'll see what Monday brings and go down that road if needs be. Thanks
  15. Morning all, WHC contacted us yesterday afternoon but we couldn't speak (we had to go out). They are calling us back on Monday so I shall see what they say. If they are still not forthcoming then I shall request the information under the FOIA and if they still fail to provide us with the byelaws then I shall add your paragraph into my letter and also fire a complaint into the ICO. I'll report back on Monday. Have a great weekend all
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