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  1. Hi there Two days ago I received a call from 0844 8110089 from someon claiming to be from Barclays. When I refused to go through security (which I always do with unsolicited calls) the woman at the other end said 'okay we'll send a letter'. The following day, a call from 0844 8110092, my husband answered and the person again claimed to be from barclays and this time asked him to get me to call 0844 8114482 (I haven't). I have looked all of this numbers up on google and cant find them anywhere. Can anyone tell me if they are genuine numbers and, if so, which department? many thanks
  2. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have just checked my credit report and found six searches from GB Group(?) under the purpose of 'money lanudering'. can anyone shed any light on this for me? should this be something to get worried about? thanks
  3. Hi there, just wanted to warn all cag-gers about the latest piece of sneakiness from those naughty debt collection folk at MBNA. I have been ignoring all calls from withheld and international numbers on my landline as I refuse to speak to this rude lot of numpties. Today they have tried a new approach - having got hold of my mobile number from somewhere some eejit calling himself 'feargal' has just rung leaving me a message telling me to stop ignoring their calls and ring them on a 01244 number immediately (didnt actually say he was from MBNA but I checked the number and it was them). What was sneaky about it was that he rang me from a mobile number.... i happened to be on another call which was why I missed it but I normally would have answered as I run my business from my mobile so regularly answer calls to mobile numbers I dont recognise. Not sure whether its okay for me to put the number on here... would that be helpful...?
  4. Hi there I have received a letter this morning from our friends at MBNA saying the following:- have you considered consolidating your existing credit and replacing it with one monthly repayment? MBNA has a close relationship with Loans.co.uk, a broker that has access to a wide range of leners who may be able to provide you with a loan package that is right for you. Please call the MBNA team at Loans.co.uk..... Are they having a laugh? I'm sure that I've read somewhere that is against some guidelines or other to encourage further debt? Can any of you good folk help me with the reference here and how I can best deal with this bunch of muppets..? Many thanks hunnybunny
  5. Hi Got into some difficulties at the end of last year due to loss of jobs for both myself and husband. Wrote making payment offers to all creditors, Sainsbury's rang me to confirm that they would accept the offer. I asked them to put this in writing for my records. They have not done so, what they have done is to get their muppets to ring me about 5 times a day to discuss things. Indeed at one point, one of their folk rang me an hour after I had spoken to another telling her that I will not discuss financial matters on the phone... just in case, thanks to their wit, charm and understanding (not!), I had changed my mind in that hour I suppose.... I still refuse to deal with them on the phone so have now received a letter from them (which they are apparently charging me £10 for) telling me to ring them. Still no confirmation of the acceptance of the offer. I have sent them the telephone harassment letter but was just wondering whether this is something in law or financial guidelines that offers the right to ask that correspondence only be made in writing? Thanks
  6. or have i answered my own question! some help with wording would be much appreciated many thanks
  7. Hello you wonderful CAG folk, just a quickie.... My husband has a credit card debt wth LTSB, by the time we found this site he was getting nasty letters/calls from Fredrickson about it. So he sent them a CCA request (rec'd 16th jan, no response yet). He has now received a letter from Bryan Carter - the usual 'payment in full within 7 days... blah blah'. What sort of letter should we send to BC outlining that a) LTSB have never advised us that they were assigning the debt elsewhere; b) Fredrickson are currently in default on the CCA..? Any help much appreciated Ta xx
  8. Hi, my husband has two debts - 1 loan and 1 cc - both originally with lloydsTSB. We have been trying to negotiate reduced payments with lloyds but have now received letters from apex regarding one and fredrickson regarding the other (not to mention numerous telephone message that we havent responded to). I know that I have read on here somewhere that the oc is supposed to inform us if they pass the debt onto someone else.... can anyone tell me exactly what the rules around that are? Many thanks
  9. Thanks again for all your help, letters will be duly sent off today. I wanted to say to you all how finding this site has humbled me and reminded me of just how much compassion can be found for one's fellow man. I think it's just wonderful that so many folk are giving so much of their time and knowledge to support others. My husband is a very giving person himself (part of his own debt having been created my lending large sums of money to family and so called friends that never repaid him) and he was getting himself in a terrible state about all of this before finally telling me about it. Silly really as I could never be cross with him for anything other than not feeling able to tell me! Thanks again, once we are out of this pickle I will donate what I can so that this site can keep going. I work as a Counsellor and have seen families affected by a debt-related suicide so I can absolutely tell you that what you are doing is saving lives. Much love to you all HB
  10. Hi and thanks for getting back to me so quickly. We have talked about him going bankrupt as he has no assets of his own, his only concern being whether he would be viewed as having beneficial interest in my house now that we are married (although he has not contributed until finding his current job). Having read some of the posts on here, we wondered whether he should ask for CCAs for loan and credit card (both with Lloyds)? He is hoping that a full-time option will become available at his current workplace, although it is a physical job and he has got long-term health problems that may be mean that he wouldnt be able to manage this. No claims in for charges, this is something that we could consider, what is the process? Finally, I have no plans to put any of his debts in my name!
  11. Hi there, i am new to the site and would really welcome some advice. I got married earlier on this year and my husband has just told me about debts that he incurred (loan , credit card) when made redundant a few years ago. Currently he owes about £35k (a hude chunk of which i am guessing is charges and interest) and hasnt made any payments for over a year. He has only just found a new job, which is part-time and pays around £700 a month. The house that we live in is mine from well before we married and I am the main earner, earning around £2500 each month (although some of that is self-employed so does vary). I do have debts of my own too (loans, credit cards), having lost one of my jobs last year due to funding issues (one of the downsides of being employed in the voluntary sector) and was beginning to struggle to pay them myself. Before finding this site (and how glad i am that we now have!), we decided to approach all of our creditors with a budget planner ( we spoke with national debtline for help) that combined our income and debts and offer each of them a reduced amount (we have about £600 a month to pay things off with). This was in mid December and no-one has responded to this yet. What i was wondering (as the title suggests) was whether combining them was the best way forward or whether we should have kept them seperate? Any thoughts would be most welcome, Thanks
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