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  1. Letter now received from lowell confirming this debt is statute barred. Thanks again for all the help over the last few years.
  2. Letter from snotcall and lowell last week asking for money, oddly the amount has now gone back up to the original amount from 2007 when they first made contact, no mention of the payments made, although I have bank statements and court documents that prove otherwise. I have sent off the same letter to lowells that I sent regarding the crap1 account which was also statute barred, hopefully will get the same response.
  3. Well that was my last outstanding debt, and it is now SB, so I am free. This thread is almost 6 years old now, 6 years of being bullied by scumbags. Here's to a debt free 2014, I hope you all have a happy christmas, or whatever it is you choose to celebrate.
  4. I have not heard anything from Snotcall yet, 8 weeks to go until SB!
  5. Good advice, thanks. Not too long to go now, it really is a matter of weeks until I can send out the SB letter.
  6. So lowell have attempted to collect the debt themselves and failed, I guess this is just another collection tactic. Where do I stand in regards to the fact they did not supply a copy of the CCA when I asked for it almost 6 years ago, bearing in mind that did not stop them from starting court proceedings against me, but as we know, that backfired!
  7. 12 weeks left now until SB. I was under the impression that an account that is in dispute, or in this case in default (on lowells part) for failure to supply a copy of the original CCA, is not to be sold/transferred to another company. The letter below arrived this week.
  8. I recall reading a CSA memo regarding SB debts recently, it did mention that the debt should not be transfered or put back out for sale once the debtor states they will not be paying due to debt being SB, I will compose a short letter this evening.
  9. I would quite happily send them a letter regarding the sale of my debt to another company now that it has been brought to their attention said debt is SB, I would also add to that letter the fact todays letter from lowell does not mention that the debt will not be sold on/transfered, and this causes me concern and distress to think I may have to go through this process again another DCA. I would go so far as to say I require written proof that the alleged debt will not be put back out for sale/transfer.
  10. I would not be surprised if they did sell it on, they are certainly stupid enough. Letter will be filed away somewhere safe just in case.
  11. Thought I should get this up straight away, postman delivered this 5 minutes ago. Thank you guys and gals, WHOO HOO!
  12. Well done! You wouldn't be the first person to frame a letter from lowell, I framed one from them when they had to send ME some money (court costs), I also framed the letter from the court.
  13. Interesting, seems they don't want to waste any time chasing SB debts once made aware, hopefully I will get the same letter.
  14. Will be interesting to see if they start court proceedings before the deadline. I now have a better understanding of what the courts see as an acceptable amount for costs when claiming as litigant in person, so my costs will run into four figures this time, would also be claiming for loss of earnings this time. The account is still in default on their part, due to failing to supply a copy of the original CCA, add that to the fact they did not appear in court, and also the fact that they abused the bankruptcy petition process. They would have a lot to explain in court, namely the reason why they are still chasing me for this debt. I am 99.9% sure the original CCA no longer exists (or was ever stored correctly in the first place, 11/12 years ago), so there is not much chance of that being produced, if they have managed to get a copy then they should have fulfilled my request and sent me a copy.
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