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  1. Thanks. I've just phoned the benefits enquiry line, but I'm unable to give them a clear picture of my situation. None of the conversations I've had with my employer have directly suggested my job is at risk, but then there's the issue of not having been paid anything for the month of June. I've tried to get an answer as to why this is the case and nothing has been forthcoming -they are aware of the situation this has placed me in. According to the HMRC, I should at least have received SSP and it's my employer's responsibility to pay me that. If my entitlement to SSP has run out (which by
  2. This situation is now dragging on interminably and I am at my wit's end following the events of the last few days! I'm still waiting for a date for my surgery, but I've had all the tests/scans and been told exactly what they plan to do and which surgeon will be performing the surgery -he's arguably the best in the world for the job too, so that much is very positive. Up until the beginning of last week, my employers had been reasonably sympathetic. They'd discounted my absences from last year, allowing the contractual sick pay 'clock' to start again from January. I was happy and rea
  3. Time to bump this back to the top -as this has now become something of a saga. My cardiologist at my local hospital referred me to The Royal Brompton (after sitting on my notes for NINE weeks!) and I finally had an appointment there a couple of weeks ago. They confirmed that I would need an operation, but the risks are minimum and it is expected to be a 100% cure for my condition. One of the surgeons there is an expert is this situation and the possibility of a keyhole operation means that my recovery time could be minimal. They also confirmed the 'stress/anxiety' which my GP diagnosed la
  4. There have been some significant developments in this situation now. It seems the initial diagnosis of anxiety/depression was wrong. The opinion of my local cardiologist is that my underlying cardiac condition has deteriorated significantly, I now been referred to another hospital where I will very probably be having major heart surgery. The good news for me is that this should solve the problem and my employers are being more sensitive and considerate. It shouldn't matter that the condition is physical rather than psychological -but clearly it does to them. Occupational health are n
  5. Having previously gained some sound advice here for my own situation. I'm coming back on behalf of a friend in need. He's been struggling with a work issue for some time, but being from a different cultural background -his pride has allowed him to leave it late to seek help. He's working for a company I have some experience of and he's been there for over 4 years. Over the last couple of years, he has lost his mother to illness, his wife has had a health scare and they have also had their first child. During this time his performance at work has suffered and he has been subject to a perfo
  6. I have a grievance hearing tomorrow, with a manager other than my own. This is someone I have a fairly easy working relationship with, which could be beneficial to my cause -but my inner skeptic thinks my employers may be trying to 'disarm' me! I've never done this before, is there anything I need to bear in mind for the hearing?
  7. In an 'exciting' new development, I was supposed to returning to work today -but ended up going to the hospital instead. I've had a variety of tests and have a cardiology appointment in about 4 weeks. There doesn't seem to be anything desperately wrong and my doctor would prefer my employers to 'get their house order' rather than sign me off. I think they may be beginning to see the gravity of the situation ...
  8. The performance improvement plan involves me planning my day to day workload with my manager and he decides whether I'm doing enough. There's currently no managerial scope to the role, they've assumed that I can't cope with that while I'm suffering from anxiety. I feel that in order for the PIP to be fit for purpose, it should directly address the performance issues highlighted in my mid year review -this isn't doing that. I've proposed I should have the chance to work with a mentor and attend at least one leadership training course. My doctor's original fit note stated I would only be fi
  9. Something else has occurred to me regarding the conduct of my manager during investigatory/disciplinary meeting last Friday. The meeting was concerned with two days sick I took a couple of weeks ago to shake off a severe cold. When questioned about the reasons for my absence, I explained the following; my heart condition means that I have to take measures to avoid chest infections. I have annual flu jabs and pneumonia vaccinations to help prevent those, but in the case of colds a couple of days rest tends to prevent them becoming anything sinister. I have been advised to do this by a numb
  10. Not sure about the appeal, as I haven't asked -I have indicated that I'm not happy with the situation and that is a matter of record. I've never been appointed a mentor or another manager to learn from. I've been asking for support since January, my manager told me my 'poor managerial performance' was an issue in May/June -around the time I informed him my stress levels were creeping up. I've never seen a copy of the employee handbook and can't be sure whether such a thing exists. I don't know what constitutes the need to be put on a PIP -the appraisal system seems very subjective.
  11. Further to my earlier post regarding disciplinary action due to disability related absence -I have another question; Another catalyst in my work related stress issue was a poor mid-year review, when I graded as 'performance below expectations'. The poor performance was focussed very much on my managerial skills rather than my technical ability. I received a lot of positive feedback for that side of my role, though the 'leadership weaknesses' have somewhat hindered my overall performance and I freely admit that. I have never received ANY training in leadership skills during my time wi
  12. Another question regarding investigatory and disciplinary meeting. Is it okay for these to be rolled into one meeting? My research suggests that a investigatory meeting should be held first, the information taken away and considered -then a disciplinary hearing held on a different day with adequate notice. Both of my warnings have been communicated to me in a meeting which I was led to believe was investigatory -in fact I got the distinct impression my employer's position had already been decided and no evidence which I produced was going to change it! Should I be presented with any evide
  13. I'm not adverse to a fight if I need to have one. As for now, they have to justify the the decisions I've asked them to make -in writing. I've also asked them to demonstrate that their actions are proportionate to a legitimate aim, i.e., using a punitive disciplinary process, which is exacerbating my anxiety levels, as a means to reducing my absence due to anxiety. My health situation was confirmed to them some weeks ago by their Occ Health advisor, so they are 'on notice' that I do have a problem. I'm eagerly awaiting their response -in the mean time I get a few days respite, a few decen
  14. In a new development, I had to visit my doctor this morning. I've barely slept since being issued with the 1st written warning on Friday and now feel very run down, jittery and am experiencing palpitations. The palpitations are obviously alarming as I have a heart condition. My doctor has signed me off for a week and given me a week's supply of Zopiclone to help me sleep. From the health perspective this is becoming a serious issue for me, but my emloyers don't seem able to see beyond the attendance/performance aspect of this. I have put in a formal written request for reasonable adj
  15. I have a question on a related issue, with respect to the performance improvement plan my employers have placed me on. This requires me to have daily meetings with my manager to review how much work I am doing and is recognised within the business as a potential route to dismissal should I fail to perform to a 'satisfactory' level. In my current situation, I would prefer to take time off sick to recover from my stress/anxiety and get my physical health back on an even keel. However, the disciplinary process invoked through the absence management procedure demands that I present myself for
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