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  1. I missed a direct debit payment, but made an online payment the same day to pay off the account. The direct debit was returned, but the online payment was for almost 3 times what the direct debit was due. They charged me for this. I asked them why, when they got their money. Does anyone have any advise on how to deal with them ??
  2. Talk about a kick in the **** Are the letting agents under some obligation or legislation to produce contact details for the landlords ?
  3. Thanks very much for the pointer, I'll do my research on it.
  4. Hi, I moved out of my rented property in Edinburgh within Feb. It took a month to receive my deposit back from the letting agents and I feel some of the deductions were unfair. It works out they deducted 33% of the deposit. I have asked details to contact the landlord about this and they have avoided this at all times. Are the letting agents able to refuse this info or is it a must do?
  5. Thanks for this, I just don't see any way of winning .. I'll just learn through my mistakes.
  6. I am moving address and had requested for a balance on my account with Edinburgh City Council. When I first moved to the property it was myself and my girlfriend. She unfortunately left the property at the start of the year. I have been paying the tax myself from start to finish from my bank account as a direct debit and I'm in credit. They informed me that I will only be due half of the amount as it was in 2 names. I'm no longer in contact with my ex girlfriend and therefor I can't ask her to write to them. I've paid it the whole time and was honest enough to have 2 people on the account
  7. Hi, I've just informed virgin media that in 4days I am moving properties which already has virgin media and therefor I do not need to take my services with me. I've been with them for 4years now and I have a huge package with them. I didn't renew my contract and for some months and now they tell me there will be a charge of £60something pounds ontop of my final bill for not giving them 30days notice. I informed them that I refuse to pay it and they quote that its contractual even though I dont have one. I think it's disgusting that they can do this. Has anyone else had this p
  8. Hi everyone, I moved address in Feb and informed Scottish Power of my move and also cancelled my direct debit with them. I was in credit and it covered that months bill. I later found that I had now 2 direct debits coming from my bank account. One was the new address and the other was the old address. Scottish Power renewed the direct debit as they informed me that because they werent made aware of anyone moving and and thought the flat was empty they reopened the account with me, also they werent made aware of the direct debit cancellation. Surely by me cancelling was
  9. Hi, I have recently got a reply from the ICO as I have had no comeback from the Abbey. I'm glad the ICO are against the microfiche system. Has anyone had experience of this, if so what has been the outcome? Cheers guys. Merv.
  10. Hi there, I have just been reading up on some threads and a few FAQs as I have gone through the whole procedure to claim back unfair bank charges of Abbey. I have heard nothing and there has been no reply up to the non-compliance letter so I do not know how much I am owed. I am a little bit lost in what to do now with also on how to start up a court case etc. Can anyone advise me or possibly send links on guidance from this webpage. Thanks for your help.
  11. Cheers for that, but i cant find it. Could you possibly send me the link. Also to go through courts now, does it cost anything etc for me.
  12. Hi, I have a problem here and I'm stuck and don't know where to go from here. I sent Abbey the non-compliance letter giving them a week to respond after they failed to respond to my 1st letter. I have followed the steps and sent everything recorded and kept copies of letters I have sent. So what to do now ? I'd be grateful for anyhelp at all as I dont fancy letting them scare me by taking it further. cheers.
  13. Cheers, I have found a non-complaince template in the library. If by any chance they do not reply within 7days of the non-compliance letter, how do I go about following it through with the court order or is there info on this within the site.
  14. HI, I need a little help and advise here as I'm a bit lost in what to do now. I sent my request form to abbey and £10 fee for a list of charges in a 5year period. I am not with the bank any more and they sent a letter asking for further proof so i took a passport and the letter to a branch and they photocopied my details and faxed it of. They now have 5days left to respond as the 40day period is nearly up and I dont know what to do from there. Any help, past experiences will be very helpful. Thanks guys. Merv.
  15. Hi, I decided to go for it and claim back unfair charges from an old bank account I had with Abbey National. I sent the letter off with the £10 fee for a list of my charges. I have just got a letter back saying that they are unable to send the request to my new address for security reasons and they would like me to send further ID and phone them up to speak about it. How should I play this as I know they will try and delay it for as long as possible and get out from paying up. Any advise to get it resolved quickly?
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