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  1. The Occ health department were concerned about my condition and they agreed that i was unable to work for the time being my mother was very ill in hospital and everything with the job and the stress of working 12 hour shifts on my own just wore me down I have never felt so ill/down in my life I'm not usually an emotional person but just could not stop crying lost weight and generally felt unwell went to see my dr who signed me off straight away then sent me for tests which showed i had an under active thyroid which i am currently being treated for the last time i was off sick from work was whe
  2. Its the local council that i work have an apt with the occ health soon to so will see what he says hopefully they will tell my male colleague the same thing
  3. I have recently been off work with depression for 3 months, I work shifts with 5 other people used to be 12 but they cut us to such an extent and then added more work that it made me ill. I am also a full time carer. they are now offering me a return to work with different hours I have mentioned that I would feel better just working nights and weekends where my sisters could help more with the care of my disabled mother thus giving me more breathing space. However one of my colleagues has complained that they should have a say in wh
  4. I work in the public sector my work is shift work i work 12 hour shifts 4 on 4 off it is now single manned whereas before there were 2 persons working. Its with the cctv system of my local council we had our budget cut with the efficiencies drive we were merged with the call centre where we now have to take calls from the public about everything which the council deals with as well as covering the cctv cameras in the night and now answering and dealing with the out of hours calls as well. On top of all this i am a full time carer for my mo
  5. the blue badge is valid until 2010 it was clearly displayed with the clock in one of those leather wallet type covers which opens out flat to display both it was the correct way up displayed on the front dash board drivers side just in front of the steering wheel i checked all the cars near me and they had exactly the same thing i'm all for disabled persons rights but didn't know that the south wales police had employed visually impaired people to patrol their parking bays plus as i said the last letter of the reg mark was wrong so maybe they are employing dyslexic persons as well, the parking
  6. took my mother to cardiff on the 25 july parked in the disabled bay displayed the blue badge correctly on the front of the dashboard like you do, got the wheelchair out went shopping had a nice day came back to the car found a fixed penalty notice for not displaying a disable badge????? the ticket was in fact placed over the blue badge upon reading the ticket i also found that it hasn't even got the correct reg mark mine ends in p this ends in r im not going to ignore it im going to ring them and have a go i did take a photo of it on my mobile and got an independant witness who was parked b
  7. What is annoying me is the fact that only union members are getting the vote to say if they agree or dont agree with the findings surley should be for everybody union or non union to get a say
  8. The changes are going to effect everybody's pay and working conditions. They have looked at who does what in their jobs and graded them accordingly. This means that they could decide to lower some grade/pay for certain positions of course others may get more pay but the chances are that for a majority the conditions may change for the worse and those not in the union would not get a say. I just cannot accept that persons can be denied a say in something which will effect their lives in such a drastic manner
  9. I work for a local council and for the last year we have been having what is called job evaluation, it is nearly ready everybody's job has been looked at and reported on. Anyway, the results are due to be published this year and we have had a letter from the union saying that only union members will get a vote to say if they agree with the results, some people will be marked down losing money and others will be gaining. My question is have they got the right to deny non union members the right to speak on a subject which will effect them and their working conditions. I personally cant stand
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