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  1. Hey guys, Almost 3 years since I left uni, and having heard nothing from them since, the accomadations office has begun writing to me demanding almost £500 for damage it is alleged I caused in a shared flat (uni owned student accom). I have previously admitted the damage I was responsible for - letting of a fire extinguisher and damage to the carpet in my room, and this was covered by my deposit. They are saying I am responsible for a broken kitchen window?! (almost £500 itself)!. I have written to them, saying that I dispute the debt, and asking them to show that I am personally liabl
  2. Oops, thanks Thanks for link Michael ill get taht done ASAP.
  3. Thanks Michael, i think Ill do that. Is it a simple process to ammend POCs?
  4. It seems like common sense to me - thats the interest theyve charged me on the debt built up by the charges so surely its only reasonable to claim that back too? Can you point me in the direction of some info on how I would go about arguing this in court?
  5. At the court stage in my claim against HFC and had an offer from them today: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hfc-household/126256-nick-hfc-2.html#post1370669 I was claiming contractual interest, and attached a spreadsheet to my claim form showing this. In the offer they are offering only s69 interest at 8%, and looking at my POC Ive seen that this is what I wrote i was claiming, even though I put the figure for Contractual Interest. Where do I stand, should I just accept the 8% now? Really bugs me that by accepting the 8% they've still made money on the ch
  6. Ok I understand that. How should I go about writing a response to their offer asking for contractual interest? And am i right to claim contractual interest or would the court only award s69?
  7. How should I go about arguing my case to claim contractual interest? Should I even be claiming contractual interest?
  8. Got an offer, its £300 short though. Theyre claiming my interest calcualtions are wrong, under section 69 of the County Courts Act. 'Interest is calculated at a daily rate from the date that each charge was applied. A £25 charge on 5th sep 2004 interest should be calulated as £25 x 0.00022 to give a daily rate of £0.0055 x 1249 days is £6.87. I though I could put the same interest rates on the template spreadsheet as they charge me on my credit card. Is this right
  9. Ok should I write to HFC requesting a copy of my T&Cs then? How should I word this to ensure they comply?
  10. I just spoke to the court and they said that there is a Small Claims hearing listed for the 6th of march, not a Directions Only hearing as I have been notified in the Notice of Allocation. Lady at the court said I have to make a request in writing to find out exactly what kind of hearing this will be. Seriously confused now! From reading up a bit it appears that a bundle isnt required for a directions hearing, so it is confusing that ive been ordered to submit all my evidence 14 days before this hearing?
  11. Anyone got these or got any idea where I can find them? Desperately need them for my court bundle. Thanks
  12. Thanks Saintly, didn't come across that section before. Oh and found that wintess statement, thanks again! Any ideas for the t&cs?
  13. Thanks Saint but this is going to be a directions hearing, looks like the link you gave is for an allocation hearing so im a bit confused. Also still need some help with the witness statement and getting ahold of the T&Cs?
  14. Hi Saintly, I was given a notice of allocation to the small claims track. Its going to be a directions only hearing to take no longer than 10mins. 'Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documemnts which he intends to rely on at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing.' Im assuming this means the court bundle. It this what you meant?
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