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  1. 2.5 years union are currently seeing what they can do to appeal- tho i feel they are not up for a fight
  2. Hi there I need to find out about disciplinary meetings and what you can be sacked for. I cant go into too much detail here. but will try and get across what i mean. I was brought into a disciplinary for alleged shouting at 2 vulnerable adults, which i didnt do and have pretty much proved the allegations were lies. However in the investigatory and disciplinary meeting, 2 things came up and they sacked me for being demeaning and for laughing at a distressed resident. Now these were not what i was brought into the disciplinary for, and on the above occasions my words have been twisted and the reasons for being sacked sound far worse than what actually happened. ie it says in the dismissal notice that i deliberately laughed at a distressed person - whereas i laughed with them when they called me names ( they do all the time) in order to make them not feel distressed. firstly i want to know if they can sack me for things that were not to do with the disciplinary meeting, when it states that the disciplinary meeting is to deal with the allegations against me secondly - i am 100% sure they were just out to sack me, no matter what, as i am a union member and they dont like it. I know an appeal wont get anywhere, if other people have not been sacked for worse - should i go for some sort of discrimination
  3. Hi there Loan was for £60k Payments are £520 10 years left on loan They said that there was no point them pushing for possession back then as theres not enough equity in the house no agreement to sell First plus havent spoken to me or written to me at all, i have had nothing from any of them till after the court papers arrived, not even notice they were going to do this. Every call i make to them, the case handler is on another line and never calls back, no recorded delivery letters are responded to, even when they said they would email me an expenses sheet, they never did, and i found one on their site and sent it in, still no response. I finally got some documents from them about witness statement and property search etc - on saturday - thats all they have ever sent. Or i should say all i have ever received. I have to go to see the mortgage rescue people later in the week, but i have nothing from them to prove it. It feels like First plus and Eversheds are punishing us for getting a PPI refund. as they refuse to acknowledge anything
  4. Hi there We have had loads of financial problems for years n years, a lot was caused by buying a home which cost way more to fix up than we anticipated and secondly from when i was ill and ended up having to leave my better paid job. We have had a suspended repossession on the house for the first mortgage, which we have kept up the payments for. But now First Plus who are a 2nd mortgage on the house, who many years ago said they would not pursue us for payments as there was no money available at that time, have decided to go for possession. we have not paid them anything for prety much 5 years and according to them have £40k worth of arrears. Which is probably right. This is 2 months after we got a chunk of money removed from the total due to a PPI refund award. We did not even know they were going to do this until the court papers arrived at the door. I have sent in the defence form, btw the hearing is 10th april Now if things were different i would have sold the house years ago and rented. But, living with us is my mother in law who suffers from pretty much everything - from heart conditions, to having had breast cancer, to osteoporosis etc etc. This means she requires things like raised toilet, hand rails everywhere, cant climb stairs so needs a bedroom downstairs, has a carer every day etc etc. Which as you can imagine is not something many rental places would allow you to make changes for. I would estimate we also have non secured debt of about 30k Now im pretty sure that unless a miracle happens we will lose the house. So what do we do next, i dont know how we ever will find a rental, also how do i afford the deposit, our credit rating is so crap they would probably want loads in advance too, the mother in law would rather die than go in a home, do we go for bankruptcy? I did tell First Plus that, as after the 1st mortgage is paid out of the sale of the house, their would be little if anything left for them and that we may have to go for bankruptcy and then they would get nothing. we have also written to them twice since the PPI refund to try n start paying something, but had no reply, also again since the court date arrived, offering them £300 a month ( i expect they want the £520 + some towards arrears), but we just dont have that money yet. I dont really want to have to go for bankruptcy as i dont like shirking away from what i owe, but i need to find a way forward and do whats right for my family rather than make things more difficult. Any advice would be really useful
  5. Hi there a friend of mine has found out she has all sorts of debts since her hubby left her She has huge Brit Gas bills of around £4k outstanding, is it possible or heard of that British Gas would put the amount secured against her home and she could then pay it when sold she cant afford to pay these bills and would struggle with a prepayment, as she has 2 kids to look after any advice would be useful
  6. Hi there a friend of mines hubby left her and seems theres all sorts of debts involved, how can she find out what secured debt is attached to her house also is it likely that if she sold the house that any equity would have to pay these first, or would she be allowed to say keep enough to pay for a years rental on a property many thanks
  7. Hi all Hope someone can give some legal advice here A month or so ago BT cut me off due to some admin problem, they reconnected me and didnt charge me anything, which was all fine, just annoying that it happened at all. The only issue being they had closed my original account and had to open me a new one. I was sent a bill for £221 as a final account bill - i queried this and they sent me a new bill with payment date of June 28th for £176, as they "forgot" to remove the cost for the time it took for me to be without a phone. I received the bill beginning of July ?? I contacted BT again and said as i had to pay line rental and so on in advance for my new account which obviously i wouldnt have had to but for their mistake, could i pay bill first week in August, was told yes no problem. Quick update - all these calls went via BTs escalated department via OFCOM Last week i received a letter from Wescott Debt Collectors chasing me for £221 - was totally shocked I contacted BT who said as the account was "suddenly" now closed they could not do anything about the Debt Collectors but they would make it the correct amount. I contacted OFCOM again and eventually got a call from BT escalated Dept who said they could give me till 2nd week in August but as account closed they could not remove from debt collectors. They have totally admitted that this should never have happened but dont seem willing to do everything they can to remove it from the debt collector. Now i am sure this is in fact breaking terms and services and probably some laws as obviously firstly it should not be with a debt collector (who i now have to pay) and secondly they are not following correct procedure as stated on their website of issue bill issue reminder debt collector I am not concerned about paying the bill, just the fact its still with a debt collector even when none of this is my fault I want to find out what action i can take to remove it from the debt collector as "BT have admitted" they should never have sent it to them in the first place. Also sometime in the future it will probably turn up on my credit report (even though BT said it wont) as i have no faith in BT.
  8. Hi there my next door neighbours are both quite old they have an outstanding gas bill for about £300 they are waiting on their warm weather payment to pay most of it off BG are threatening them with disconnection What they want to know is, can they switch providers by cancelling account and setting up with another provider in her name rather than his, and then obviously pay off the final bill to BG when they get their payment through
  9. Hi all My brother has an account with vodaphone, he also set up a contract for me as at the time i was under 18 and was told only way i could get a contract phone was on someone elses account. We have always paid our bills My brother is coming to end of his contract in Feb 09 and decided to take his tariff down from unlimited txts and 1200 minutes to unlimited txts and 900 minutes well for some reason they changed him down to 600 minutes, he didnt realise and has used just under the 900 minutes and has a bill for £250 when niormally its about £100 They wont admit to it being their fault and are cutting him off as he refuses to pay the extra They have now said they are cutting me off too as the account is in his name, even though i pay for it and have paid this months bill. They also say i have to pay the remaining 3 months bills even if im cut off, which is ridiculous as the phone is paid up to date and i am not paying for something i cant use Is there a legal way to make them reconnect my phone or to not pay them for the last 3 months thanks
  10. Thanks for that advice i am a machine operator and the company is a manufacturing one i am waiting till the 2nd of jan when i can go to tribunal as that will be 28 days after grievance letter
  11. Hi all I would like peoples views and advice on the following 18 months ago i started work as a casual worker for a company, all i signed was a document saying about how my tax would be paid and that i had to call in. a month later i was offered the option to come in to work Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm, i accepted this and started, i was never given a contract and no terms and conditions were issued at the beginning of this month, i found ut i was entitled to holiday entitlement and holiday pay and other things, such as being paid for breaks when other staff do statutory sick pay. full pay for suspension (see below) after a few informal chats i handed in a grievance procedure doc which stated i wanted a statement of terms and conditions which matched my working pattern, my holiday pay for last 17 months and my holiday entitlement for 2008. that afternoon i was suspended from work for so called use of my phone in a work place and under health and safety was a disciplinary issue. i had the disciplinary which was a joke, they said they had a number of witnesses who had signed documents to say i was always using my phone, 2 of these backed down and withdrew their statements, after wards i was told to wait for result. Week later got a letter with a written warning, and was told to phone in for work from now on. ACAS told me this is rubbish and to go in as normal as my working pattern for the last 17months states these are my working hours. now i get sent txts telling me not to come in as theres no work, even tho others who are in same situation as me are just going in as normal, and they are also getting in agency staff to help with work load. at the grievance hearing, they basically said i was still a casual and they would get back to me when they could about anything else, as it was xmas and personnel manager was away. So now i am not allowed into work Have to wait for them to get back to me I have been advised by acas, to take the company to tribunal Is there anything else i should do, or know of many thanks
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